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PBC News & Comment, 9.12.17: Will Pelosi’s “Pragmatism” Doom Single Payer?

Sanders in the Senate and Conyers in the House have more support than ever for single payer—but “pragmatic” Pelosi balks–Bernie Sanders to introduce “Medicare for All” tomorrow, but Leader Pelosi is focused on short-term politics

–in NY Times Margot Sanger-Katz compares Dem fight to GOP “repeal and replace”

–to remind her of the failures of cautious incrementalism, Pelosi can read Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, reviewed in The Times here, and by Thomas Frank in The Guardian, here

–Clinton doesn’t hammer the “blame Russia” message, and is correct that the media gave Trump uncritical coverage and HRC got mostly critical coverage

–Bob Parry dissects NY Timesunhinged reporting in recent claims of Russia’s “fake army” of Americans who spread alleged Kremlin propaganda

Vice and Buzzfeed join MSM in attacks on Sputnik  and Putin’s plan to normalize US-Russia relations

–in new interview, reporter Tim Shorrock details how Sony allowed The Interview movie to deliver US propaganda about North Korea

–Vice deserves credit for publishing new database of criminal cops

–AG Sessions wants to use polygraph tests to find or intimidate leakers on National Security Council

–Ed Curtin, college professor and 9/11 skeptic, explains how language locks in the memes

–Naomi Klein warns that Irma and Harvey won’t sway Trump and climate deniers