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PBC News & Comment, 9.12.17: Will Pelosi’s “Pragmatism” Doom Single Payer?

Sanders in the Senate and Conyers in the House have more support than ever for single payer—but “pragmatic” Pelosi balks--Bernie Sanders to introduce “Medicare for All” tomorrow, but Leader Pelosi is focused on short-term politics

--in NY Times Margot Sanger-Katz compares Dem fight to GOP “repeal and replace”

--to remind her of the failures of cautious incrementalism, Pelosi can read Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, reviewed in The Times here, and by Thomas Frank in The Guardian, here

--Clinton doesn’t hammer the “blame Russia” message, and is correct that the media gave Trump uncritical coverage and HRC got mostly critical coverage

--Bob Parry dissects NY Timesunhinged reporting in recent claims of Russia’s “fake army” of Americans who spread alleged Kremlin propaganda

--Vice and Buzzfeed join MSM in attacks on Sputnik  and Putin's plan to normalize US-Russia relations

--in new interview, reporter Tim Shorrock details how Sony allowed The Interview movie to deliver US propaganda about North Korea

--Vice deserves credit for publishing new database of criminal cops

--AG Sessions wants to use polygraph tests to find or intimidate leakers on National Security Council

--Ed Curtin, college professor and 9/11 skeptic, explains how language locks in the memes

--Naomi Klein warns that Irma and Harvey won’t sway Trump and climate deniers