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PBC News & Comment, 9.14.17: Where’s the Case for Tax Cuts?

Beltway bandits of both parties eager to cut corporate taxes, with lip service to middle class, and no deficit concerns…–while offering no details, Trump whips Congress to cut taxes, as GOP deficit hawks morph into tax “reformers” with no plan to cut spending

–Trump dines with Chuck and Nancy, who come away with DACA plan that doesn’t include border wall, causing Republicans to howl

–for second time in a week, McConnell and Ryan are undercut by Trump

–and Sean Hannity is starting to criticize his orange hero, while Ann Coulter is ready for impeachment, she says

–in leaked memo to entire Trump administration, Gen. McMaster orders all hands to attend meeting to stem leaks with mandatory viewing of Jeff Sessions’ threats

–working to starve Obamacare, HHS slashes budgets of agencies that help consumers find health insurance

–North Korea unleashes ridiculous threats to Japan, US

NY Times sounds the alarm about Russian war games

–in lengthy magazine piece, NY Times expands its hysterical, evidence-free Russiagate coverage with story that exaggerates impact in US of RT, Sputnik

–Dems believe Irma and Harvey have forced some Republicans to address impact of climate change, as long as “climate change” isn’t mentioned

–Daily Beast report shows “insanity” of restoring program to deliver Pentagon weapons to local police departments

–PharmaBro Martin Shkreli is jailed for offering bounty for a lock of Hillary’s hair

–Anthony Weiner’s lawyers blame his teenage sexting victim for his compulsive behavior

–as the iPhone marks 10 years, the trail of dead and exploited Chinese workers makes Siri squirm