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PBC News & Comment: Harvard Submits to CIA Demagogues

After naming Chelsea Manning “visiting fellow”, Kennedy School allows CIA bosses to dictate withdrawal of “shameful stamp of approval”….–Manning will be honored at War and Environment conference in Washington next weekend

–CIA wants expanded authority to conduct drone strikes in Afghanistan

–despite constant threats to withdraw from Iranian nuke deal, Trump again certifies that Iran is in compliance

–London bombing incident draws Trump tweets that Britain dryly calls “unhelpful”

Salon joins corporate media scrum with bold headline of “overwhelming evidence” of Russian hacking, but article doesn’t support headline

–in leaked gossip based on anonymous sources, NY Times says Trump ripped into Jeff Sessions, asked for resignation but didn’t act on it

–in first interview since he was released from prison, former Alabama governor Don Siegelman talks about Sessions

–no violence, few arrests as UC Berkeley hosted right wing speaker Ben Shapiro

–North Korea launched another missile over Japan, no intercept or missile defense was attempted

–listener Ian Berman exposes extreme Israelis who want to legitimize apartheid in West Bank

–in Iraq, Shiite leaders force out Kurdish leader, as violence continues

–Brazil’s corrupt president Temer faces new charges

–Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill includes a public option

–Steve Horn’s reporting helps judge agree to venue change for Standing Rock protesters