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PBC News & Comment: Dr. Justin Frank Analyzes Tweeter-in-Chief

Trump unleashed more juvenile tweets over the weekend, and Dr. Justin Frank offers shrink’s view as Trump heads to UN…--calling Kim Jong Un, “Rocket Man” and retweeting video mashup of Trump tee shot hitting Hillary in the back reveals much about our asshole president

--even Iran’s Ayatollah is tweeting back

--Trita Parsi warns that Netanyahu plans to press Trump to renegotiate Iran nuke deal

--Trump’s first speech to UN was brief, and remarkably subdued

--UN expected to take up Rohynga’s expulsion from Myanmar, Syrian refugees displaced by US regime change efforts, and North Korea

--NY Times reveals that North Korea is believed to be using high-risk rocket fuel UDMH, notes US concerns date to 2008

--Chelsea Manning fires back at Harvard after un-invitation

--Robert Parry notes that Manning exposed war crimes, and Harvard yielded to war criminals who attacked Manning

--in Senate, GOP tries another underhanded assault on Obamacare

--opioid addiction is driven in part by insurance companies who promote cheaper opioids over more expensive, less addictive pain meds

--this weekend’s “free speech” provocations by Milo, Coulter and Bannon may not happen, as organizers duel with UC Berkeley officials

--Stephen Colbert and Alec Baldwin hammer Trump at Emmy Awards, and Sean Spicer’s cameo upsets some people

--crippled by losses from retracted UVA rape story and Jann Wenner’s “sell low, buy high” scheme, Rolling Stone may be sold to National Enquirer owners….ouch!