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PBC News & Comment: Dr. Justin Frank Analyzes Tweeter-in-Chief

Trump unleashed more juvenile tweets over the weekend, and Dr. Justin Frank offers shrink’s view as Trump heads to UN…–calling Kim Jong Un, “Rocket Man” and retweeting video mashup of Trump tee shot hitting Hillary in the back reveals much about our asshole president

–even Iran’s Ayatollah is tweeting back

–Trita Parsi warns that Netanyahu plans to press Trump to renegotiate Iran nuke deal

–Trump’s first speech to UN was brief, and remarkably subdued

–UN expected to take up Rohynga’s expulsion from Myanmar, Syrian refugees displaced by US regime change efforts, and North Korea

NY Times reveals that North Korea is believed to be using high-risk rocket fuel UDMH, notes US concerns date to 2008

–Chelsea Manning fires back at Harvard after un-invitation

–Robert Parry notes that Manning exposed war crimes, and Harvard yielded to war criminals who attacked Manning

–in Senate, GOP tries another underhanded assault on Obamacare

–opioid addiction is driven in part by insurance companies who promote cheaper opioids over more expensive, less addictive pain meds

–this weekend’s “free speech” provocations by Milo, Coulter and Bannon may not happen, as organizers duel with UC Berkeley officials

–Stephen Colbert and Alec Baldwin hammer Trump at Emmy Awards, and Sean Spicer’s cameo upsets some people

–crippled by losses from retracted UVA rape story and Jann Wenner’s “sell low, buy high” scheme, Rolling Stone may be sold to National Enquirer owners….ouch!