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PBC News & Comment: In SF, Hostage “Dreamers” Shout Down Pelosi

At SF news conference staged to promote deal with Trump on DACA, Dreamers shout down Pelosi, reject being “bargaining chip”….–new Homeland Security report says attempted crossings at southern border reach new low…so why do we need a wall?

–new report from Health & Human Services shows that refugees contribute far more than they cost

–unhinged and undiplomatic, Trump gives teleprompter speech to UN, with top threat to “totally destroy” North Korea and its “Rocket Man”

–conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin calls the speech “cartoonish”

–in new, in-depth interview, journalist Gareth Porter picks apart the flimsy claims that Syria used sarin in Khan Sheikoun on April 4

–will UN intervene in Myanmar to protect Rohyngas?

–more leak-based reporting on Trump/Russia, as NY Times says Manafort was told he will be indicted, and Mueller is using very aggressive tactics

–hours before Times story broke, Shadowproof got new FBI FOIA response on Trump Tower wiretap claims

–with more leak-based news, CNN says FISA court approved 2 wiretap orders for Manafort, one in 2014, the next in 2016

–on book tour, Hillary Clinton tells Terry Gross that if Kenya can overturn a tainted election, maybe US can, too