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PBC News & Comment: In SF, Hostage “Dreamers” Shout Down Pelosi

At SF news conference staged to promote deal with Trump on DACA, Dreamers shout down Pelosi, reject being “bargaining chip”….--new Homeland Security report says attempted crossings at southern border reach new low…so why do we need a wall?

--new report from Health & Human Services shows that refugees contribute far more than they cost

--unhinged and undiplomatic, Trump gives teleprompter speech to UN, with top threat to “totally destroy” North Korea and its “Rocket Man”

--conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin calls the speech “cartoonish”

--in new, in-depth interview, journalist Gareth Porter picks apart the flimsy claims that Syria used sarin in Khan Sheikoun on April 4

--will UN intervene in Myanmar to protect Rohyngas?

--more leak-based reporting on Trump/Russia, as NY Times says Manafort was told he will be indicted, and Mueller is using very aggressive tactics

--hours before Times story broke, Shadowproof got new FBI FOIA response on Trump Tower wiretap claims

--with more leak-based news, CNN says FISA court approved 2 wiretap orders for Manafort, one in 2014, the next in 2016

--on book tour, Hillary Clinton tells Terry Gross that if Kenya can overturn a tainted election, maybe US can, too