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PBC News & Comment: Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman Stoke Russophobia

“Meathead” and Morgan Freeman teams with Clapper and neocons in new project, recklessly declaring US, Russia are now at war….--you can see the video here, the “Committee to Investigate Russia” includes proven perjurer James Clapper plus neocons Max Boot and David Frum

--Facebook comments show that many “progressives” think war with Russia is OK

--reacting to Bully Trump’s UN speech, Iran calls him “rogue newcomer to world of politics” as Trump hints he’s already decided to leave 6-nation nuke deal

--NY Times’ David Sanger offers rational analysis on the contradiction between Trump’s poses on Iran and North Korea

--at ConsortiumNews, Bob Parry notes that Trump, influenced by Israel, is falling into line with Bush and Obama as pro-intervention

--Trump is using campaign donations and GOP funds to pay for lawyers in Russia investigation

--GOP rushes last-ditch effort to kill Obamacare, with Graham-Cassidy bill that will create 50 different state insurance programs, many of which will be lousy

--“savings” from cutting health insurance propel Republican tax cut plans that will add $1.5 Trillion to national debt, premised on rosy predictions of economic growth

--to pay for Medicare-for-all, Sanders floats idea of taxing assets of super-wealthy

--Trevor Timm observes that Congress is shoveling more money than requested to Pentagon, so we can’t afford universal health care coverage