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PBC News & Comment: Rob Reiner, Morgan Freeman Stoke Russophobia

“Meathead” and Morgan Freeman teams with Clapper and neocons in new project, recklessly declaring US, Russia are now at war….–you can see the video here, the “Committee to Investigate Russia” includes proven perjurer James Clapper plus neocons Max Boot and David Frum

–Facebook comments show that many “progressives” think war with Russia is OK

–reacting to Bully Trump’s UN speech, Iran calls him “rogue newcomer to world of politics” as Trump hints he’s already decided to leave 6-nation nuke deal

NY Times’ David Sanger offers rational analysis on the contradiction between Trump’s poses on Iran and North Korea

–at ConsortiumNews, Bob Parry notes that Trump, influenced by Israel, is falling into line with Bush and Obama as pro-intervention

–Trump is using campaign donations and GOP funds to pay for lawyers in Russia investigation

–GOP rushes last-ditch effort to kill Obamacare, with Graham-Cassidy bill that will create 50 different state insurance programs, many of which will be lousy

–“savings” from cutting health insurance propel Republican tax cut plans that will add $1.5 Trillion to national debt, premised on rosy predictions of economic growth

–to pay for Medicare-for-all, Sanders floats idea of taxing assets of super-wealthy

–Trevor Timm observes that Congress is shoveling more money than requested to Pentagon, so we can’t afford universal health care coverage