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PBC News & Comment: Colin Powell Advises: Ignore Kim Jong Un

In talk at UMich, retired general and Secretary of State says “let’s not go crazy every time they shoot missiles”….--at UN, Trump announces more sanctions on North Korea, meets with leaders of Japan and South Korea

--in fool’s errand for Israel, Trump presses parties to Iran nuclear agreement to move the goal posts, seeking to impose new, one-sided terms

--Bernie Sanders, who failed to offer coherent foreign policy in 2016, says Saudi Arabia “is not an ally” and US should “rethink” approach to Iran in interview with The Intercept

--new leaks show Paul Manafort is major target of Mueller probe, claiming he offered to brief Russians on Trump campaign while he was manager

--Manafort is presently advising Iraqi Kurds on Monday’s referendum, which the US opposes

--Turkey, Iraq and Iran gang up to block Kurdistan referendum, after Kurds rescued US and other nations in Syria

--Facebook bans posts that support the Rohynga militants, at request of Myanmar government, the oppressors of the Rohynga

--health insurance profiteers—er, industry leaders—come out strongly against Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal, as Jimmy Kimmel leads the charge

--Bill Binney and Ray McGovern offer new info that DNC faced leak, not hack

--former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson says ObamaCo did “wiretap Trump Tower” along with campaign workers and journalists, including Attkisson

--Caitlin Johnston echoes PBC’s view of the Rob Reiner/Morgan Freeman warmongering propaganda project; oh, and I misspoke yesterday....James Earl Jones is still alive

--smart commentator Stephen Kinzer observes that Trump has set up his own military junta, comprised of Mattis, Kelly and McMaster