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PBC News & Comment: Colin Powell Advises: Ignore Kim Jong Un

In talk at UMich, retired general and Secretary of State says “let’s not go crazy every time they shoot missiles”….–at UN, Trump announces more sanctions on North Korea, meets with leaders of Japan and South Korea

–in fool’s errand for Israel, Trump presses parties to Iran nuclear agreement to move the goal posts, seeking to impose new, one-sided terms

–Bernie Sanders, who failed to offer coherent foreign policy in 2016, says Saudi Arabia “is not an ally” and US should “rethink” approach to Iran in interview with The Intercept

–new leaks show Paul Manafort is major target of Mueller probe, claiming he offered to brief Russians on Trump campaign while he was manager

–Manafort is presently advising Iraqi Kurds on Monday’s referendum, which the US opposes

–Turkey, Iraq and Iran gang up to block Kurdistan referendum, after Kurds rescued US and other nations in Syria

–Facebook bans posts that support the Rohynga militants, at request of Myanmar government, the oppressors of the Rohynga

–health insurance profiteers—er, industry leaders—come out strongly against Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal, as Jimmy Kimmel leads the charge

–Bill Binney and Ray McGovern offer new info that DNC faced leak, not hack

–former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson says ObamaCo did “wiretap Trump Tower” along with campaign workers and journalists, including Attkisson

–Caitlin Johnston echoes PBC’s view of the Rob Reiner/Morgan Freeman warmongering propaganda project; oh, and I misspoke yesterday….James Earl Jones is still alive

–smart commentator Stephen Kinzer observes that Trump has set up his own military junta, comprised of Mattis, Kelly and McMaster