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PBC News & Comment: Facebook Promises Transparency on Political Ads

Under fire, Mark Zuckerberg uses Facebook video to address “Russian meddling” in election, pledges more disclosure, transparency in political ads….--in Guardian op-ed, Julia Carrie Wong says Zuck is “putting lipstick on a pig”

--Trump calls attacks on Facebook part of “Russia Hoax”

--Topic A for callers today: Morgan Freeman’s dangerous, misleading video from Committee to Investigate Russia

--Donald the Insult Comic gets response from Rocket Man, raising tensions while lowering standards of dignity

--Iran pushes back on Trump’s threats to bail out of nuclear accord, refusing to renegotiate unless all issues are reopened

--fighting broke out at NY speech by Turkey’s strongman Erdogan

--in new in-depth interview, Prof. Nancy MacLean of Duke talks about her new book on the Koch plan to restore oligarchy rule in US

--one tool of ALEC and Koch’s is pre-emption of local laws by states—California bill eliminates local control over cell towers

--appeals court rules that Stingray surveillance gizmo can’t be deployed without warrant

--Trump’s March Travel Ban 2.0 is about to expire, new restrictions may take effect this weekend

--confusion abounds as right-wing provocateurs plan to test “free speech” at UC Berkeley

--Education Secretary Betsy DeVos scraps Obama rules about sex assault investigations on campuses

--in NY Times op-ed, San Francisco law professor Lara Bazelon argues that “preponderance of evidence” standard leads to injustice, esp. to black males

--London cancels Uber’s license to operate, says operations aren’t “fit and proper”

--using FOIA, Buzzfeed’s Jason Leopold reveals Sebastian Gorka’s tirade about Islam to military audience

--Philippine strongman/madman Duterte threatens to have police kill his son, who is implicated in major meth importation