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PBC News & Comment: On Trump’s Tax “Reform”, Watch The Democrats!

As Trump, GOP roll out tax cuts for rich, corporations, keep an eye on the Democrats and what they support….--NY Times editorial correctly calls Trump plan “boondoggle masquerading as tax reform”

--Trump sells sizzle to middle class while favoring corporations and 1%

--as usual, Trump tossed in a few lies in pitching tax plans

--Trump’s framework recognizes loophole it would create for high earners to use “pass through” entities to evade taxes

--in blunt interview likely to draw false charges of anti-Semitism, Phil Giraldi explains why he was fired for reporting the truth about American Jews

--no podcast yesterday, as I attended screening of Ai Wei Wei’s powerful new documentary on the world’s refugees, Human Flow

--after refusing waiver of the Jones Act for Puerto Rico, Trump changes his mind and approves short-term relief

--the vultures who hold Puerto Rico’s debt offer a fresh payday loan, reports David Dayen

--also at The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald exposes more false reporting on Russiagate, on alleged hacking of election sites and bad source for Twitter claims

--here is the NY Times Twitter story Greenwald slams

--Zuckerberg responds to Facebook critics, regrets dismissing concerns of misuse during election


--Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at 91, earning praise and derision