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In-Depth Interview: Phil Giraldi Got Fired for Telling the Truth About Hawkish American Jews

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Philip Giraldi, CIA case manager-turned journalist, is fired by The American Conservative for column they didn’t publish, about the role of leading American Jews in promoting war with Iran.Read Giraldi’s column, published at the Unz Review, here. As we note, he was fired by his primary outlet after a backlash prompted by Valerie Plame’s tweet about the article, including a broadside from Alan Dershowitz.

Knowing that the article and this conversation will be intentionally misrepresented by critics, Giraldi and PBC each state that it’s not “anti-Semitic” to criticize the State of Israel, its extreme Zionist government, or their American supporters, who are mostly Jewish.

Praising Giraldi’s courage, and noting that his article is accurate, your humble host admits to self-censorship and soft-pedaling in attempts to avoid aggressive critics like the Anti-Defamation League, who pounce on any perceived criticism and routinely label it anti-Semitic.

Giraldi names leading individuals who fit his description, and we note that the stakes are high as they promote a war with Iran, which is a top agenda item for Israel, not the United States.

He also proposes that these people should not be appointed to jobs that relate to Israel, and/or should recuse themselves from matters of conflict.  Giraldi does recant his idea that TV shows should be required to define them as Jews in the lower third graphic idea, except for Bill Kristol.

Near the end, we discuss his recent report on the investigation into Rep. Debbi Wasserman-Schultz’ IT specialist, Imran Awam, speculating that he could be a suspect in the leaks from DNC servers.