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PBC News & Comment: Will Supreme Court Fix Gerrymandering?

Oral arguments over Wisconsin’s partisan maps show swing-vote Kennedy has finally seen illegal rigging of district lines, may support remedies….–gerrymandering and campaign finance are two major blights on democracy

–Las Vegas mass shooting leaves many lingering questions, as Web is flooded with speculation, not all of which is crazy…first responders referred to 2 shooters

–Shaun King notes the pattern of tagging deranged white men as “lone wolf” shooters who are not assumed to be terrorists

–House Speaker Ryan says he has no plans to bring gun law rollbacks to floor vote

–libertarian podcaster Scott Horton talks about his new book, Fool’s Errand, a compelling call for US to exit Afghanistan

–in Gaza meeting, Fatah and Hamas pledge to reconcile

–Israel’s Netanyahu backs annexation of 19 West Bank illegal settlements

–in Senate hearing, Pentagon boss Mattis says he supports Iran nuke deal…when will the nasty tweets start?

–as Madrid threatens civil war, Catalans strike and take to the streets, see photos here

–Trump lavishes praise on Trump for hurricane response in Puerto Rico, where the situation remains dire


–Tom Petty’s sudden exit is a real Heartbreaker, we offer some stories in tribute