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PBC News & Comment: Will GOP Shelve Gun Law Rollbacks?

Mass shooting in Las Vegas happened same day news broke about GOP bills to pre-empt state laws on concealed carry, silencers….--lone wolf shooter is 64-year-old white guy, Stephen Paddock, with no criminal record, known to casinos as high-stakes gambler

--report on pro-gun bills is in SF Chronicle

--somber Trump wants to unite nation, after spending all his spare time dividing Americans over NFL/anthem and disaster response in Puerto Rico

--Trump recklessly used Twitter to undermine Rexxon Tillerson’s efforts to dialogue with North Korea

--our Dear Tweeter reamed out Tom Price for 2 hours Friday before accepting his resignation

--in Barcelona, ugly video images showed Spanish riot police beating voters and disrupting Catalan independence vote

--in The Guardian, interesting commentary by Paul Mason about Catalan secession effort

--US media lecture Kurds and Catalans against independence in patronizing tones

--bipartisan group in House forces war powers vote to end US military action and support in Yemen, as UN panel compromises on investigations

--leakers, likely on Capitol Hill, feed NY Times and WashPost details of a few Facebook ads linked to Russian meddling schemes

--AIPAC plans lobbying push for unconstitutional Israel Anti-Boycott Act

--TV game show icon Monty Hall makes his final deal at age 96