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PBC News & Comment: Will GOP Shelve Gun Law Rollbacks?

Mass shooting in Las Vegas happened same day news broke about GOP bills to pre-empt state laws on concealed carry, silencers….–lone wolf shooter is 64-year-old white guy, Stephen Paddock, with no criminal record, known to casinos as high-stakes gambler

report on pro-gun bills is in SF Chronicle

–somber Trump wants to unite nation, after spending all his spare time dividing Americans over NFL/anthem and disaster response in Puerto Rico

–Trump recklessly used Twitter to undermine Rexxon Tillerson’s efforts to dialogue with North Korea

–our Dear Tweeter reamed out Tom Price for 2 hours Friday before accepting his resignation

–in Barcelona, ugly video images showed Spanish riot police beating voters and disrupting Catalan independence vote

–in The Guardian, interesting commentary by Paul Mason about Catalan secession effort

–US media lecture Kurds and Catalans against independence in patronizing tones

–bipartisan group in House forces war powers vote to end US military action and support in Yemen, as UN panel compromises on investigations

–leakers, likely on Capitol Hill, feed NY Times and WashPost details of a few Facebook ads linked to Russian meddling schemes

–AIPAC plans lobbying push for unconstitutional Israel Anti-Boycott Act

–TV game show icon Monty Hall makes his final deal at age 96