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PBC News & Comment: Yes, Rexxon, He IS a Moron!

Clearly frustrated by Trump’s undermining tweets and idiotic policies, Rexxon Tillerson denies threatening to quit, but not calling 45 “moron”…–Senate Intel committee leaders embrace “Russian meddling meme” and want to complete their investigation by end of year

–Senate Judiciary leaders, pursuing Trump for obstruction of justice, say CIA is blocking access to evidence

–Dems in Senate are writing bill to regulate political ads on the internet

–New Yorker reports that Ivanka and Don Jr. escaped indictment for real estate fraud after Trump lawyer donated 25 grand to prosecutor’s campaign

–crowdsourcing policy? EPA says it will seek ideas from public after it repeals Obama regulations on coal-fired power plants

–as Trump demands permanent renewal of 702 surveillance law, many lawmakers are trying to amend it, and include expiration date

–in oral arguments, SCOTUS hears why immigrants are denied bail as a way to induce them to accept deportation

–as the girlfriend of alleged Las Vegas shooter returns to US, many questions remain about 2nd shooter and other inconsistencies in reporting, here’s a list

–in attempting to declare success despite obvious problems, Trump left a trail of golden turds in Puerto Rico yesterday

–more than a weak after Kurdish independence vote, most threats have been softened or left unfulfilled