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PBC News & Comment: Yes, Rexxon, He IS a Moron!

Clearly frustrated by Trump’s undermining tweets and idiotic policies, Rexxon Tillerson denies threatening to quit, but not calling 45 “moron”…--Senate Intel committee leaders embrace “Russian meddling meme” and want to complete their investigation by end of year

--Senate Judiciary leaders, pursuing Trump for obstruction of justice, say CIA is blocking access to evidence

--Dems in Senate are writing bill to regulate political ads on the internet

--New Yorker reports that Ivanka and Don Jr. escaped indictment for real estate fraud after Trump lawyer donated 25 grand to prosecutor’s campaign

--crowdsourcing policy? EPA says it will seek ideas from public after it repeals Obama regulations on coal-fired power plants

--as Trump demands permanent renewal of 702 surveillance law, many lawmakers are trying to amend it, and include expiration date

--in oral arguments, SCOTUS hears why immigrants are denied bail as a way to induce them to accept deportation

--as the girlfriend of alleged Las Vegas shooter returns to US, many questions remain about 2nd shooter and other inconsistencies in reporting, here's a list

--in attempting to declare success despite obvious problems, Trump left a trail of golden turds in Puerto Rico yesterday

--more than a weak after Kurdish independence vote, most threats have been softened or left unfulfilled