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PBC News & Comment: Top House Dem Says It’s Time for Pelosi to Retire

Breaking taboo, 5th-ranked Democrat Linda Sanchez politely says it’s “time to pass the torch to new generation of leaders”…–Trump ignores his generals, announces he will “decertify” Iran agreement, which is not really an available option

–at ConsortiumNews, Bob Parry continues to lead Russiagate skeptics, as he debunks the exaggerated claims of “Russia-linked” Facebook ads

–NRA and its GOP minions throw a bone to gun control advocates, open to banning “bump stocks” for semi-automatic guns

–in the GOP “thoughts and prayers” caucus, the # 1 recipient of NRA cash is John McCain

–polls show strong support for a number of gun regulations

–recently added to NY Times op-ed lineup, conservative Bret Stephens says “Repeal the second amendment

–Las Vegas investigators confirm Paddock left a note, say it’s not a “suicide note” but won’t reveal the message

–right-wing media outlets promote IS claim that Paddock converted to Islam 6 months ago

–Iraq claims victory over IS, says it has banished them to Syrian border town

–after Rexxon Tillerson’s stout assertion that he’s not planning to resign, NY Times runs political obituary

–2 Americans who volunteered to fight against IS have been killed in Syria

–3 American “advisers” killed at border of Mali, Niger

–Jeff Sessions proclaims the Justice will no longer protect gay and transgender Americans from discrimination

–federal judge orders Interior Dept to reinstate restrictions on methane emissions

–Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, accused by numbers of women of sexual harassment over decades, issues general apology, takes leave of absence

–the late Ed Heath, former British prime minister, is accused of decades of sex abuse involving boys and men

–GOP Congressman Tim Murphy votes for unconstitutional abortion law, just after announcing retirement following claim by mistress that he advised an abortion

–in The Guardian, Jessica Valenti offers straight talk about Republican 20-week abortion ban, with criminal penalties