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PBC News & Comment: Media Downplays Major NSA Hack

Corporate media outlets continue to stoke Russiagate narrative, downplaying major NSA hack that occurred 2 years ago, no charges for contractor….--accused NSA leaker Reality Winner is denied bail, and her intentions don’t matter in Espionage Act prosecution

--at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold and colleague expose illegal spying on Americans’ financial data by US intelligence unit

--Consumer Financial Protection Bureau faces legal assault regarding binding arbitration, as banks and corporations use class action suit that’s not available to their customers, David Dayen reports

--facing another assault, CFPB issues strict new rules on payday lenders

--as Trump moves to destabilize Mideast by undermining Iran deal, he makes cryptic comment about “calm before the storm”

--once again, Trump throws hot potato to do-nothing Congress, as it would have to decide how to proceed with Iran

--Bob Parry at ConsortiumNews ruminates on Trump’s “zigzag” foreign policy

CIA’s top expert on North Korea contradict’s Trump’s label of Kim Jong Un as “madman”

--in Guardian op-ed, author Michael Axworthy says Iran deal is one of few forces for stability, and endangering it is “irresponsible”

--also at The Guardian, our pal Tom Frank notes that Steve Bannon has been stealing his commentary

--Gov. Brown signs 11 bills that make California a sanctuary state for immigrants

--in new in-depth interview, Frances Moore Lappe and coauthor Adam Eichen challenge you to restore democracy

--based on Citizens United assertion of “corporate personhood”, TrumpCo rolls back Obamacare contraception policies to protect “entities with religious beliefs”

Is this “Hypocrisy Week”?

--Hollywood mogul, liberal donor Harvey Weinstein is exposed as serial predator

--Callista Gingrich , the known adulterer, gets 75 Senate votes for confirmation as Vatican ambassador

--in NY Times, Jennifer Weiner unloads on hypocritical conservative men

--as honest questions linger in Las Vegas massacre, YouTube moves to reduce access to “conspiracy theories

--58 people were killed in Las Vegas in one night, but in Chicago 58 people are killed in a month