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PBC News & Comment: N. California Wildfires Rage in Napa, Sonoma

14 separate fires, driven by Santa Ana winds, destroy hundreds of homes and buildings, thousands evacuate, only 1 fatality so far….--Bob Corker becomes second Repub Senator to talk honestly about Trump, and Twitter shitstorm follows, predictably

--Corker’s fears are reflected in new threats from Iran and North Korea, responding to Rump’s threats and twisted tease about “calm before the storm”

--Trump shafts Dreamers, and Nancy and Chuck, as he abandons DACA deal with demands he knows will be rejected

--Trump’s digital guru, Brad Parscale, told 60 Minutes about his use of Facebook—aided by embedded Facebook employees—microtargeted Trump voters

--Google reveals less than $60,000 spent by some Russians on ads in 2016

--CNN, using named source for a change, reports on emails that appear to soften claims about Don, Jr’s meeting with Russians in June ‘16

--Tweeting another ignorant claim, Trump slams late night hosts for skewering him, and asks about “equal time”

--60 Minutes offered hero worship for Las Vegas cops, but doesn’t raise any questions about 2nd shooter, or 72-minute delay in entering shooter’s room

--Sen. Dianne Feinstein bucks the polls, progressives and her age, announces she will seek re-election next year

--Harvey Weinstein is fired by his company as most board members quit, and more allegations surface of predatory behavior

--at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold and colleague use FOIA’d documents to show how the FBI muscles Hollywood to project a false image

--in Barcelona, hundreds of thousands protest against independence from Spain

--extending cruel, false hopes to coal miners, EPA boss Scott Pruitt says “war on coal” is over; expect lots of lawsuits in response