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PBC News & Comment: On Nukes and Media Law, Trump Shows Ignorance

Trump thinks he’s real smart, but displays dangerous ignorance on nuclear arsenal, and regulation of media he wants to silence…--digging into why Rexxon Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron”, NBC reports it was after July meeting where Trump called for massive increase in nuclear arsenal

--Trump suggests blocking license renewal for broadcast and cable networks, which don’t actually have licenses

--Ehud Barak, Israeli hawk and longtime Iran hater, urges Trump to stay in nuclear deal with Iran

--Madrid sets trap for Barcelona leaders, asking “did you actually declare independence?"

--Hobson’s choice at Guantanamo….military has stopped force feeding hunger strikers in game of chicken

--The Guardian counted US deaths by police in 2015, and Harvard study shows police agencies misclassify info, reducing reported number of killings

--during white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Greg Palast’s cameraman shot video of black man being beaten; victim is now charged with assault

--journalist Steve Horn has joined The Young Turks, and exposes how FedEx and UPS push tax cuts for Job creation” as they use automation to reduce workforce

--Public Citizen wins court victory, mostly blocking disclosure of web visitors to inauguration protest site

--at The Intercept, Jon Walker gives honest appraisal of Obamacare defects, says Dems have quietly given up on private health care markets

--NY Times reports that Israeli intelligence tipped NSA that it had been hacked via backdoor in Kaspersky anti-virus software

--my point-by-point rebuttal of Rachel Maddow’s Russiagate reporting failed to move at least one Maddow believer, and Caitlin Johnstone captures it well

--listener Jerry Fresia has comments on our interview with Frances Moore Lappe and Adam Eichen