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PBC News & Comment: Trump on Puerto Rico, Obamacare: Drop Dead!

Trump warns Puerto Rico that feds can’t stay “forever”, and uses executive order to strangle Obamacare, approving “junk policies”…..–Trump has plenty of patience for recovery in Texas and Florida, but slams Puerto Rico, blaming victims of hurricane and vulture capitalists

Buzzfeed updates shows only 10% have electricity, only half have clean drinking water

–in staged White House event, Trump almost forgets to sign order allowing for cheaper, junk health insurance policies, predicts millions will be “very happy”

NY Times counts 11 ways Trump is undermining Obamacare

–in our latest in-depth interview, reporter Trevor Aaronson tells about Florida man who resisted FBI efforts to make him an informant, calls it “extortion”

–also at The Intercept, Shaun King exposes attempted lone wolf attack on Asheville airport, which has been ignored by MSM

–Mandalay Bay challenges accuracy of revised timeline of Las Vegas massacre, stoking doubts about the official story

–here’s a recap, with links, of many of the “alternative facts” about Las Vegas, from Citizens for Legitimate Government

–Madrid expands threats to Barcelona over independence vote

–in deal brokered by Egypt, Hamas and Fatah sign reconciliation agreement

–US and Israel announce withdrawal from UNESCO, claiming anti-Israel bias

–Trump goes to Middletown, PA to sell corporate tax cuts to truckers…will benefits trickle down like a golden shower?

–federal judge upholds Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, but legal challenges will continue