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PBC News & Comment: Trump on Puerto Rico, Obamacare: Drop Dead!

Trump warns Puerto Rico that feds can’t stay “forever”, and uses executive order to strangle Obamacare, approving “junk policies”…..--Trump has plenty of patience for recovery in Texas and Florida, but slams Puerto Rico, blaming victims of hurricane and vulture capitalists

--Buzzfeed updates shows only 10% have electricity, only half have clean drinking water

--in staged White House event, Trump almost forgets to sign order allowing for cheaper, junk health insurance policies, predicts millions will be “very happy”

--NY Times counts 11 ways Trump is undermining Obamacare

--in our latest in-depth interview, reporter Trevor Aaronson tells about Florida man who resisted FBI efforts to make him an informant, calls it “extortion”

--also at The Intercept, Shaun King exposes attempted lone wolf attack on Asheville airport, which has been ignored by MSM

--Mandalay Bay challenges accuracy of revised timeline of Las Vegas massacre, stoking doubts about the official story

--here’s a recap, with links, of many of the “alternative facts” about Las Vegas, from Citizens for Legitimate Government

--Madrid expands threats to Barcelona over independence vote

--in deal brokered by Egypt, Hamas and Fatah sign reconciliation agreement

--US and Israel announce withdrawal from UNESCO, claiming anti-Israel bias

--Trump goes to Middletown, PA to sell corporate tax cuts to truckers…will benefits trickle down like a golden shower?

--federal judge upholds Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, but legal challenges will continue