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PBC News & Comment: Wild Theories Floated as California Fires Are Being Contained

Major progress in controlling Wine Country wildfires, but wild speculation from self-styled experts, pseudo scientists precede investigations, and real evidence….--on Facebook, theories are floated by people who expose their ignorance about the local conditions that likely started, and drove massive firestorms

--Mike Davis offers sensible, high altitude look at fires in California

--corporate media starts to note some of the inconsistencies and contradictions in Las Vegas investigation

--in rare case that doesn’t involve FBI informants, New Jersey man is convicted of Chelsea bombing in September 2016

--state Sen. Kevin de Leon is second Democrat to challenge Feinstein in 2018, after lawyer Pat Harris, who joined us here last Friday

--Iraqi forces took over Kirkuk from Kurds in effort to squelch independence move

--reporter Joe Lauria, who has been living in Iraq, filed this report as the takeover was underway

--Catalonia leaders are ignoring Madrid’s demand to clarify its intentions, and Madrid is ignoring Barcelona’s call for dialogue

--Islamic State forces are leaving Raqua, as some surrender and the future of Syria is unclear

--after being called a “dirty rotten traitor” by Trump, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl takes guilty plea

--60 Minutes and Washington Post expose Trump’s “drug czar” nominee, Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) as architect of law that protects opioid industry

--promoting her book in Australia, Hillary Clinton says Trump’s use of Twitter is dangerous, unloads lies about WikiLeaks and Assange

--as Weinstein scandal continues to grow, Trump’s predatory behavior is focus of lawsuit by former contestant on “Apprentice”

--Trump promised return of “moral clarity” to evangelical group