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PBC News & Comment: Trump Travel Ban 3.0 Blocked by Court

Federal judge stays 90% of latest travel ban , as Supreme Court and Trump deal fresh injustice to Guantanamo prisoners….–judge in Hawaii issues last minute ban on almost all of Trump travel ban

–SCOTUS declines to hear appeal of Saudi man whose alleged crimes preceded 9/11“hostilities”, ignoring military tribunals’ lack of jurisdiction; most of al-Nashiri’s lawyers have quit in protest of illegal surveillance of legal meetings

–another Saudi prisoner, al-Darbi, pled guilty after years of cooperation, gets no credit for 12 years of time served

–Pakistani hunger-striking prisoner who proclaims innocence taunts Trump for ending force-feeding, Andy Worthington publishes Rabbani’s statement

–Trump lied about Obama’s contact with families of combat dead, and Rachel Maddow exploits his dissembling while ignoring multiple overseas wars

–American-backed Kurdish fighters say they have liberated Raqqa

–American-backed Kurdish fighters in Iraq didn’t fight the Iraqis who just took control of Kirkuk and nearby oil fields

–with no legal authority, Trump administration expands attacks in Yemen, aimed at IS and al Qaeda

–more than 300 dead in Somalia, likely retaliation for US operation in August that killed civilians

–after 60 Minutes exposed role of Trump “drug czar” nominee, Tom Marino withdraws to resume protecting pharma’s opioid profiteers

–in Malta, car bomb kills courageous journalist who exposed corruption, using “Panama papers” evidence

–judges in Madrid jail 2 leaders of Catalonia independence movement, signaling rigid and ruthless response that may escalate

–in apparent effort to facilitate food relief for Rohyngas, UN food agency shelved report of 80,000 starving children

ShadowProof reports that federal court says it’s constitutional to force you to use your fingerprint to open smartphone for cops

–Colin “take a knee” Kaepernick files NFL grievance, alleging owners have colluded to punish him for political expression; legal analysts aren’t optimistic