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PBC News & Comment: In Flap Over Dead Troops, Media Finally Ask “Why?”

After four days of descending rancor and emotion over condolences for soldiers killed in Niger, Maddow, other media finally ask “Why?”….–following Gen. Kelly’s effort to clean up Trump’s remarks by launching emotional bombs, Rep. Wilson calls out lies he told about her

–and today, Trump tweets contradiction of the story Kelly was trying to clean up

–California wildfires draw many experts with wild claims of causes, Mickey Huff of Project Censored comments on the storm of speculation; hear more in our in-depth interview

–after Trump gave himself a “10” for response to hurricanes in Puerto Rico, San Juan’s feisty mayor says “10 out of 100”

–in hardest hit area of Texas, applicants for relief must agree not to boycott Israel

–following Richard Spencer’s speech at U of Florida, 3 Texas men who identify as Nazis are charged with attempted murder

–month-long civil rights protests continue in St. Louis, as acting chief is aggressive and shows contempt

–Sheriff Joe’s contempt conviction will stay on the books after Trump’s pardon

–new study of police bodycams shows little change in behavior

–Senate GOP unites to pass phony budget with language that allows $1.5 trillion in unfunded tax cuts to pass with only 51 votes

–Trump had hoped to fund tax cuts with Obamacare money, and 3.5 fewer Americans have coverage already

Buzzfeed reveals that BP has had so many accidents in Alaska that operations were suspended for extra training

–a bloody week in Afghanistan’s “whatever war”, as Taliban decimates Kandahar base