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PBC News & Comment: In Flap Over Dead Troops, Media Finally Ask “Why?”

After four days of descending rancor and emotion over condolences for soldiers killed in Niger, Maddow, other media finally ask “Why?”….--following Gen. Kelly’s effort to clean up Trump’s remarks by launching emotional bombs, Rep. Wilson calls out lies he told about her

--and today, Trump tweets contradiction of the story Kelly was trying to clean up

--California wildfires draw many experts with wild claims of causes, Mickey Huff of Project Censored comments on the storm of speculation; hear more in our in-depth interview

--after Trump gave himself a “10” for response to hurricanes in Puerto Rico, San Juan’s feisty mayor says “10 out of 100”

--in hardest hit area of Texas, applicants for relief must agree not to boycott Israel

--following Richard Spencer’s speech at U of Florida, 3 Texas men who identify as Nazis are charged with attempted murder

--month-long civil rights protests continue in St. Louis, as acting chief is aggressive and shows contempt

--Sheriff Joe’s contempt conviction will stay on the books after Trump’s pardon

--new study of police bodycams shows little change in behavior

--Senate GOP unites to pass phony budget with language that allows $1.5 trillion in unfunded tax cuts to pass with only 51 votes

--Trump had hoped to fund tax cuts with Obamacare money, and 3.5 fewer Americans have coverage already

--Buzzfeed reveals that BP has had so many accidents in Alaska that operations were suspended for extra training

--a bloody week in Afghanistan’s “whatever war”, as Taliban decimates Kandahar base