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PBC News & Comment: Dems Are Losing Control of Russiagate Narrative

With admission that Clinton campaign paid for Steele dossier and release of informant on Uranium One deal, Trump allies gain ground…–Assange confirms approach from Cambridge Analytica, says he rejected collaboration

–Cambridge Analytica has bragged about its microtargeting, but now TrumpCo says it used GOP databases instead

–Senate Judiciary probe into obstruction by Trump falls into partisan squabbles as GOP chair pursues financial info

–Trump pays lip service to opioid crisis—which killed 59,000 last year—declaring public health emergency with no new funding

–billionaire founder of Insys, John Kapoor, is charged with racketeering related to Subsys, a fentanyl-based pain spray

–Jeff Sessions reverts to Reefer Madness and Just Say No, showing his ignorance about drugs

–as expected, GOP-controlled House approves Senate’s bogus budget with lingo to grease tax cuts, but with only a 4-vote margin

–in poll, 69% of Republicans says tax cuts will favor corporations

–Trump’s FCC chairman is eliminating regulations for minimal local service by radio and TV stations, as Lee Fang reports

–Puerto Rico’s recovery is marred by disaster capitalists who want to privatize the utility PREPA and protect vulture bondholders; Kate Aranoff explains it well

–Democrats introduce bill to prevent Trump from launching pre-emptive strike on North Korea

–China’s party congress elevates Xi Jinping to Mao status in advance of Trump visit

–defiant Catalans make confusing moves as Madrid readies takeover

–Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy tops Bill Gates, and Zuck will not use foundations to avoid taxes, reports Vice

–George H. W. Bush is a serial groper, and a dirty old man