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PBC News & Comment: Dems Are Losing Control of Russiagate Narrative

With admission that Clinton campaign paid for Steele dossier and release of informant on Uranium One deal, Trump allies gain ground…--Assange confirms approach from Cambridge Analytica, says he rejected collaboration

--Cambridge Analytica has bragged about its microtargeting, but now TrumpCo says it used GOP databases instead

--Senate Judiciary probe into obstruction by Trump falls into partisan squabbles as GOP chair pursues financial info

--Trump pays lip service to opioid crisis—which killed 59,000 last year—declaring public health emergency with no new funding

--billionaire founder of Insys, John Kapoor, is charged with racketeering related to Subsys, a fentanyl-based pain spray

--Jeff Sessions reverts to Reefer Madness and Just Say No, showing his ignorance about drugs

--as expected, GOP-controlled House approves Senate’s bogus budget with lingo to grease tax cuts, but with only a 4-vote margin

--in poll, 69% of Republicans says tax cuts will favor corporations

--Trump’s FCC chairman is eliminating regulations for minimal local service by radio and TV stations, as Lee Fang reports

--Puerto Rico’s recovery is marred by disaster capitalists who want to privatize the utility PREPA and protect vulture bondholders; Kate Aranoff explains it well

--Democrats introduce bill to prevent Trump from launching pre-emptive strike on North Korea

--China’s party congress elevates Xi Jinping to Mao status in advance of Trump visit

--defiant Catalans make confusing moves as Madrid readies takeover

--Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s philanthropy tops Bill Gates, and Zuck will not use foundations to avoid taxes, reports Vice

--George H. W. Bush is a serial groper, and a dirty old man