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PBC News & Comment: Deep State Maintains JFK Coverup

Trump says he has “no choice” but to withhold some documents ordered released 25 years ago, fueling the “conspiracy theorists”….–corporate media outlets deride skeptics as they cover release of 2,800 records

–sleuth Larisa Alexandrovna Horton found this document in the files, citing associate of Jack Ruby who alleges there was a second shooter

–we cite the CIA memo that made “conspiracy theory” a pejorative, from Lance deHaven Smith’s Conspiracy Theory in America

–Robert Parry confronts the conspiracy theories of Russiagate, hitting MSM for “establishment McCarthyism”

–at Vice, “everything you need to know about the dossier” is incomplete

NY Times presses on with a few new facts, connected by speculation, about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians

–Catalan regional parliament makes fateful vote for independence, as Madrid votes to take control

–journalist Peter Byrne joins us to talk about his report on US Sen. Kamala Harris at American Consequences