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PBC News & Comment: Deep State Maintains JFK Coverup

Trump says he has “no choice” but to withhold some documents ordered released 25 years ago, fueling the “conspiracy theorists”….--corporate media outlets deride skeptics as they cover release of 2,800 records

--sleuth Larisa Alexandrovna Horton found this document in the files, citing associate of Jack Ruby who alleges there was a second shooter

--we cite the CIA memo that made “conspiracy theory” a pejorative, from Lance deHaven Smith’s Conspiracy Theory in America

--Robert Parry confronts the conspiracy theories of Russiagate, hitting MSM for “establishment McCarthyism”

--at Vice, “everything you need to know about the dossier” is incomplete

--NY Times presses on with a few new facts, connected by speculation, about the Trump Tower meeting with Russians

--Catalan regional parliament makes fateful vote for independence, as Madrid votes to take control

--journalist Peter Byrne joins us to talk about his report on US Sen. Kamala Harris at American Consequences