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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Mislead on Mueller Indictments

Mainstream media mix indictments of Manafort, Davis with Papadopoulos plea deal, and mislead people who don’t go beyond the headlines….–Robert Parry at Consortium News offers good analysis

–superlobbyist for corporate Dems Tony Podesta resigns, facing investigation for ties to Manafort’s lobbying for Ukraine

NY Times report uses Papadopoulos plea deal to support unproven claims of Russian hacking of DNC

–predictably, Trump minimizes connection to Papadopoulos, which may be true

–Facebook increases estimates of the reach of alleged Russian posts during and after election, reporting 126 million impressions from total of 11 trillion posts

–at WashPost, Margaret Sullivan blames Facebook for Trump’s election, overlooking myriad of other factors, like billions in free media coverage for Trump

–Trump campaign benefited from 8 social media staffers who embedded with campaign, Clinton rejected their help

–Mother Jones, which is heavy promoter of Russiagate, runs strong and long article about voter suppression delivering Wisconsin to Trump

–in fresh, in-depth interview, Roger Shuler reports that Karl Rove’s team is quietly working for Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama Senate race

–deposed leader of Catalonia is in Brussels seeking unlikely support from EU, may seek asylum

–Steny Hoyer, #2 Dem in the House, is working to block war powers resolution to end US military ole in Yemen

–riots in Iraq over resignation of Kurdish leader

–in April, Tillerson and Haley said Assad could stay; last week, Tillerson said Assad has to go

–Netflix, embarrassed by gay assault charge against Kevin Spacey, suspends production and ends House of Cards