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PBC News & Comment: Indictments of Manafort & Davis Not Related to Election

Mueller unseals indictments for Manafort, partner plus garnish of guilty plea from Trump campaign aide Papadapoulos, 45 tweets “NO COLLUSION”….–for background, we begin with Joe Lauria’s excellent analysis of Democratic paid Fusion GPS and Crowdstrike, originators of “blame Russia” memes

–and we’ve learned that vulture capitalist Paul Singer was paying Fusion GPS for Trump research during primaries

WashPost uses misleading frames to suggest that Manafort, Davis and Papadopoulos are all connected to Russian “meddling” in election

–read the Papadopoulos plea deal here, and the Manafort-Davis indictments here

–Trump and corporate media trade barbs about what it all means

–corruption continues in Ukraine under US-backed Poroshenko

–Puerto Rico cancels suspect contract with Whitefish Energy after Bernie Sanders visit

–California’s rapacious utility, PG&E, is asking to pass wildfire costs to ratepayers, even before investigators determine causes

–federal court blocks Trump’s ban on trannies in the military

–Kevin Spacey responds to assault allegation by finally acknowledging he’s gay

–following Madrid’s takeover of Catalonia, separatists leaders face sedition charges

–Dennis Banks, co-founder of American Indian Movement, dies at age 80