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PBC News & Comment: No Prison for Bowe Bergdahl, No Justice at Air Force Academy

Accused of desertion, Bowe Bergdahl gets lenient punishment; former Air Force inspector Brandon Enos confirms coverups, retaliation at AF Academy….–Trump’s reckless comments about Bergdahl were a likely factor in dishonorable discharge

–in our 3rd interview about the sex scandals at the Air Force Academy, former inspector Brandon Enos confirms coverups and retaliation claims of Eric Thomas

–Trump tries to influence the Justice Dept, after noting that the president shouldn’t try to influence the Justice Dept

–Trump lurches from one crazy comment to another regarding NY truck attack suspect, now says US will hit Islamic State “ten times harder”

–Trump and Sessions trapped in Papadapa-Gotcha, as Papadopoulos plea deal shows both men have lied about campaign’s contacts with Russia…and NY Times concedes that this is “the first concrete evidence” for Russiagate narrative

–Clinton supporters react to Donna Brazile’s revelations that DNC rigged the primaries with denial, strong urge to “move on”, as Kevin Gosztola reports

–at The Intercept, Ryan Grim notes that Obama left the DNC in deep debt, and in the clutches of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

–Senate hearings show that social media can be manipulated, but impact of alleged Russian trolls on Facebook and Twitter are highly exaggerated, here’s op-ed by Emily Parker

–chumming the waters for distraction, 3 House Repubs demand that Mueller recuse himself from Uranium One case

–under pressure from investors in his hedge fund, Trump’s biggest donor, Robert Mercer, distances himself from Bannon and Milo, sells Breitbart stake to daughters

–pro-birth extremists in Justice Dept urge Supreme Court to punish ACLU for Jane Doe immigrant abortion case

–Myanmar leader visits Rakhone State, scene of Rohynga ethnic cleansing, and tells people to be nice

–13 federal agencies release climate change report that contradicts the ignorance of Trump officials

–relief in Michigan and beyond, as Kid Rock backs away from threat to run for US Senate…but did proceeds from merch actually go to voter registration, as promised?