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PBC News & Comment: No Prison for Bowe Bergdahl, No Justice at Air Force Academy

Accused of desertion, Bowe Bergdahl gets lenient punishment; former Air Force inspector Brandon Enos confirms coverups, retaliation at AF Academy….--Trump’s reckless comments about Bergdahl were a likely factor in dishonorable discharge

--in our 3rd interview about the sex scandals at the Air Force Academy, former inspector Brandon Enos confirms coverups and retaliation claims of Eric Thomas

--Trump tries to influence the Justice Dept, after noting that the president shouldn’t try to influence the Justice Dept

--Trump lurches from one crazy comment to another regarding NY truck attack suspect, now says US will hit Islamic State “ten times harder”

--Trump and Sessions trapped in Papadapa-Gotcha, as Papadopoulos plea deal shows both men have lied about campaign’s contacts with Russia…and NY Times concedes that this is “the first concrete evidence” for Russiagate narrative

--Clinton supporters react to Donna Brazile’s revelations that DNC rigged the primaries with denial, strong urge to “move on”, as Kevin Gosztola reports

--at The Intercept, Ryan Grim notes that Obama left the DNC in deep debt, and in the clutches of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

--Senate hearings show that social media can be manipulated, but impact of alleged Russian trolls on Facebook and Twitter are highly exaggerated, here’s op-ed by Emily Parker

--chumming the waters for distraction, 3 House Repubs demand that Mueller recuse himself from Uranium One case

--under pressure from investors in his hedge fund, Trump’s biggest donor, Robert Mercer, distances himself from Bannon and Milo, sells Breitbart stake to daughters

--pro-birth extremists in Justice Dept urge Supreme Court to punish ACLU for Jane Doe immigrant abortion case

--Myanmar leader visits Rakhone State, scene of Rohynga ethnic cleansing, and tells people to be nice

--13 federal agencies release climate change report that contradicts the ignorance of Trump officials

--relief in Michigan and beyond, as Kid Rock backs away from threat to run for US Senate…but did proceeds from merch actually go to voter registration, as promised?