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PBC News & Comment: Defensiveness, Extreme Denial from Clinton Loyalists

Donna Brazile is still a tool of Democratic establishment, but is being hammered by Clinton army that bombs the messenger….--reacting to Friday’s podcast on Facebook, Clinton supporters reject critical thinking in favor of their bias for Hillary, and advance irrelevant points

--under attack, Brazile has walked back claim of “rigging”, as 100 Clinton staffers say she was duped by Russian propaganda about Hillary’s health

--Brazile was considering asking DNC to replace Clinton-Kaine with Biden-Booker, but no mention that Sanders would be the substitute

--in brilliant legal-type brief, Glenn Greenwald shows how “journalists” used Twitter to promote false arguments about Brazile’s revelations

--Robert Parry has a great analysis, too, at ConsortiumNews, identifying the forces promoting Russiagate

--and libertarian James Bovard offers important context for the exaggerated claims about Facebook and Twitter made in Senate hearings last week

--San Francisco’s infamous transactional politician—never indicted—Willie Brown says Clinton bought the DNC and used it for big-dollar fundraising, he’s OK with it

--Republican columnist Ruben Navarette, Jr. applies HRC’s concerns about GOP to her own party

--Trump’s reaction to Texas shooting by white Air Force veteran is so different from the accused NY truck attacker last week, who is Muslim immigrant

--at Gitmo’s kangaroo court, the kangaroos are still misbehaving, as federal judge blocks tribunal judge from forcing defense attorney to continue Nashiri trial

--unanimous Supreme Court rules that execution should proceed for convicted murderer who has dementia, based on SCOTUS precedents denying appeals

—in Saudi Arabia, crown prince consolidates power, locks up 11 princes at Ritz-Carlton

--Saudis accuse Iran with “act of war” after Yemenis launch missile at Ryadh

--Trump pumps US arms sales to Japan, stoking Asian arms race and busting post-war disarmament