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PBC News & Comment: More and More Reject Moore, the Alabama Moron

More GOP leaders call for Roy Moore to drop out of Alabama senate race, and some Trumpers suggest Sessions should run as write-in….–more tax cuts for the rich hang in the balance if Democrat Doug Jones wins in Alabama

–Sessions squirms, bobs and weaves in hearing at House Judiciary about his previous untrue statements about Russia, defends domestic surveillance, and dances around Trump’s demands for Clinton investigation

–while your humble host believes the Clinton Foundation begs for investigation, he doesn’t support a hyper-partisan witch hunt

–Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) accuses 2 unnamed sitting lawmakers of sexual harassment

–after Intel committee leak, Don Trump Jr. releases his messages with Julian Assange, the first potential evidence of “collusions”

–at Buzzfeed, Jason Leopold adds his byline to a dubious story, based on unnamed FBI leakers, about Russian money transfers related to “election campaign of 2016”

–Freedom House, govt-funded advocate for free press and democracy, and sometime front for covert ops, says 30 governments manipulate public opinion

–Kaspersky Labs offers hack-proof online election systems, but not in US

–in sharp opinion piece at The Week, Matthew Walther declares “TSA is a pathetic failure”

–in Israel graft investigation, witness says Bibi and Sara squeezed rich supporters to maintain stocks of champagne and cigars, sometimes rudely

–America’s #1 tax dodger, Apple, would get $47 billion break under GOP tax plan

–6 Demo senators demand investigation of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross over offshore holdings revealed in Paradise Papers, and failure to divest as promised

–in the Senate, 4 conserva-Dems work to undermine Dodd-Frank to aid mythical community banks

–Trump’s ass-kissing of Xi Jingping wins release of UCLA athletes accused of shoplifting in China