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PBC News & Comment: NSA Can’t Find Leakers to Shadow Brokers

NY Times exposes new info on Shadow Brokers’ breach of NSA hacking tools, but same reporters trust unverified Russiagate narrative….–you can read the NSA story here

–Obama’s top spooks and corporate media clobber Trump over Putin’s denials, hoisting him on his own soundbites

–op-ed columnist Charles M. Blow typifies the outrage, suggesting that Trump’s comments are “almost treasonous”

–former CIA Russia expert Ray McGovern notes that “mocking Trump doesn’t prove Russia’s guilt”

–and Chris Hedges comments that the ruling elite fear the truth, not fake news

–on his final stop on 12-day Asian tour, Trump continues to embarrass us by cozying up to Philippines’ brutal strongman, Duterte

–Thomas Frank, who still owes me $5 for my bet that Trump would win, notes that liberal “aghastitude” doesn’t do much to counter the Trump menace

–Trump adds more ghastly members to his wrecking crew at HHS, EPA, CEQ

–Trump is packing the federal appelas courts with conservative, young, white, males, some of whom are grossly unqualified

–sudden, heartless changes in immigration rules lead 5 Senate Dems to demand another hearing with DHS nominee Kirstjen Nielsen

–TrumpCo abruptly cancels refugee program for Central American children

–tracking of DACA applications shows that many were mysteriously delayed past deadline

–4th Amendment sustains another body blow, as judge in Inauguration protest case rules that prosecutors can search Facebook posts of people who aren’t suspects

–2 Navy Seals are under investigation for murder of Green Beret in Mali, perhaps to cover up missing money

–quick stats: hate crimes are up, male-fem