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PBC News & Comment: Trump Slams Franken, Stays Mum About Moore

Our Dear Tweeter and Groper-in-chief defers to Alabama voters on Roy Moore’s fate, but jabs Franken on Twitter….–PBC invites callers during Facebook live feed to talk about standards, due process and presumption of innocence for those accused of sex harassment and assault

–photo shows Franken with hands in front of Leeann Tweeden’s chest, but is that really “groping”?

–Tea Party radio host Melanie Morgan piles on, says Franken verbally harassed her after Bill Maher show

–NFL quarterback Jameis Winston accused of groping Uber driver last year

–TED talks admit ugly pattern of harassment and groping for years

–asked “What About Bill Clinton”, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says he should have resigned after Lewinsky case, and introduces new bill for military prosecutors

–while the peasants were distracted by Gropegate, House passes “cartoonishly evil” tax cut for rich and corporations, paid for by the rest of us

–despite GOP plans to kill personal mandate for health insurance, IRS begins enforcing employer mandate as Obamacare signups surge

–in our latest in-depth interview, journalist Joe Lauria explains the powerful column that was censored by Huffington Post

–at The Nation, Prof. Stephen Cohen slams the Russiagate narrative as dangerous for US, and blasts media reporting of Trump’s comments from Putin

–Russia uses its UN veto to kill investigations into alleged sarin incident in Syria on last April 4; read Robert Parry’s report of contradictory evidence here

–Crown Prince Jared gets “incomplete” on promised disclosures to Senate Judiciary

–Trump’s call for “extreme vetting” software draws critical letters from scientists, and legal/humanitarian advocates

–Federalist Society has grand plans for extreme court-packing

–Buzzfeed offers new numbers on use of Stingray by “Homeland Security”

–Keystone pipeline springs major leak, as Keyston XL faces approval in Nebraska

–50,00 children have died from war and starvation in Yemen this year…does anybody give a damn?