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PBC News & Comment: Trump Slams Franken, Stays Mum About Moore

Our Dear Tweeter and Groper-in-chief defers to Alabama voters on Roy Moore’s fate, but jabs Franken on Twitter….--PBC invites callers during Facebook live feed to talk about standards, due process and presumption of innocence for those accused of sex harassment and assault

--photo shows Franken with hands in front of Leeann Tweeden’s chest, but is that really “groping”?

--Tea Party radio host Melanie Morgan piles on, says Franken verbally harassed her after Bill Maher show

--NFL quarterback Jameis Winston accused of groping Uber driver last year

--TED talks admit ugly pattern of harassment and groping for years

--asked “What About Bill Clinton”, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says he should have resigned after Lewinsky case, and introduces new bill for military prosecutors

--while the peasants were distracted by Gropegate, House passes “cartoonishly evil” tax cut for rich and corporations, paid for by the rest of us

--despite GOP plans to kill personal mandate for health insurance, IRS begins enforcing employer mandate as Obamacare signups surge

--in our latest in-depth interview, journalist Joe Lauria explains the powerful column that was censored by Huffington Post

--at The Nation, Prof. Stephen Cohen slams the Russiagate narrative as dangerous for US, and blasts media reporting of Trump’s comments from Putin

--Russia uses its UN veto to kill investigations into alleged sarin incident in Syria on last April 4; read Robert Parry’s report of contradictory evidence here

--Crown Prince Jared gets “incomplete” on promised disclosures to Senate Judiciary

--Trump’s call for “extreme vetting” software draws critical letters from scientists, and legal/humanitarian advocates

--Federalist Society has grand plans for extreme court-packing

--Buzzfeed offers new numbers on use of Stingray by “Homeland Security”

--Keystone pipeline springs major leak, as Keyston XL faces approval in Nebraska

--50,00 children have died from war and starvation in Yemen this year…does anybody give a damn?