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PBC News & Comment: Trump, GOP Stiff California Fire Victims

Administration requests additional $44 billion for hurricane relief, but ignored Gov. Brown’s call for $7 billion for California wildfire victims–op-ed in Forbes says GOP tax plan is “economic insanity

–are GOP Senators Collins, Johnson, Paul, and Corker just posturing, or will they vote against tax cuts for corporations and rich?

–Budget Director Mulvaney hints that partial Obamacare repeal may be dropped to appease Susan Collins

–proposal to double standard deduction, and other elements of tax bill, likely to reduce charitable giving by as much as $13 billion a year

–in blistering recap of Clinton history, Josh Barro at Business Insider says they held Democratic party hostage for 2 decades

–in Little Rock, Bill & Hill celebrate 25 years since 1992 election, and James Carville guides their happy memories

–Gropegate updates:

NY Times White House reporter Glenn Thrush is suspended, goes to rehab, after Vox cites young reporters he tried to score with

–Franken draws second accuser, who says he grabbed her butt during photo

–Def Jam’s co-founder, Russel Simmons, is accused of sexual assaults 25 years ago

–actor Jeffrey Tambor leaves “Transparent” after denying allegations made by an assistant and an actress

–former Oklahoma state senator Ralph Shortey pleads guilty to sex trafficking related to encounter with 17-year-old boy

NY Times reports on Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent, Dough Jones, says he is “on his own”, and the story ignores the political persecution of Don Siegelman

–Trump returns North Korea to terrorism list

–McMaster denies calling Trump a “dope” and “kindergartner”

–in Argentina, “One of our submarines is missing”

–after drunk US soldier kills Japanese driver in Okinawa, all soldiers are banned from booze

–despite big leak in Keystone pipeline in neighboring South Dakota, Nebraska commission approves Keystone XL but changes its route

–in House, Democrat Ro Khanna of Silicon Valley launches new “Antitrust Caucus”

–Charles Manson has died, cult leader was influenced by Dale Carnegie, Scientology