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PBC News & Comment: Trump, GOP Stiff California Fire Victims

Administration requests additional $44 billion for hurricane relief, but ignored Gov. Brown’s call for $7 billion for California wildfire victims--op-ed in Forbes says GOP tax plan is “economic insanity

--are GOP Senators Collins, Johnson, Paul, and Corker just posturing, or will they vote against tax cuts for corporations and rich?

--Budget Director Mulvaney hints that partial Obamacare repeal may be dropped to appease Susan Collins

--proposal to double standard deduction, and other elements of tax bill, likely to reduce charitable giving by as much as $13 billion a year

--in blistering recap of Clinton history, Josh Barro at Business Insider says they held Democratic party hostage for 2 decades

--in Little Rock, Bill & Hill celebrate 25 years since 1992 election, and James Carville guides their happy memories

--Gropegate updates:

--NY Times White House reporter Glenn Thrush is suspended, goes to rehab, after Vox cites young reporters he tried to score with

--Franken draws second accuser, who says he grabbed her butt during photo

--Def Jam’s co-founder, Russel Simmons, is accused of sexual assaults 25 years ago

--actor Jeffrey Tambor leaves “Transparent” after denying allegations made by an assistant and an actress

--former Oklahoma state senator Ralph Shortey pleads guilty to sex trafficking related to encounter with 17-year-old boy

--NY Times reports on Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent, Dough Jones, says he is “on his own”, and the story ignores the political persecution of Don Siegelman

--Trump returns North Korea to terrorism list

--McMaster denies calling Trump a “dope” and “kindergartner”

--in Argentina, “One of our submarines is missing”

--after drunk US soldier kills Japanese driver in Okinawa, all soldiers are banned from booze

--despite big leak in Keystone pipeline in neighboring South Dakota, Nebraska commission approves Keystone XL but changes its route

--in House, Democrat Ro Khanna of Silicon Valley launches new “Antitrust Caucus”

--Charles Manson has died, cult leader was influenced by Dale Carnegie, Scientology