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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Incoherence: Killing Net Neutrality, Blocking AT&T Merger

Anti-trust action against AT&T merger with Time-Warner is obvious payback to CNN, while ending Net Neutrality is payoff to mega-corporations….–at FCC, Chair Ajit Pai moves to dismantle Net Neutrality, the wrong choice for the wrong reasons

–meanwhile, Justice Dept. moves to block merger of AT&T with Time Warner, the right choice for the wrong reason(s)

–at meeting with Assad, Putin says Syrian war is “wrapping up”, signaling shift to negotiations that will likely keep Assad in power

–Gareth Porter’s 2-part series exposes the lies used to persuade George W. Bush to bomb Syrian facility that Israel claimed was a nuclear reactor

–Google boss Eric Schmidt says the search giant isn’t censoring RT and Sputnik, they just manipulate search results to reduce ranking, which amounts to censorship

ConsortiumNews is one of the sites seeing sharply reduced Google search referrals, and Bob Parry continues to criticize NY Times for bad Russiagate reporting

–in 2011, The Guardian reported that Gen. David Petraeus had signed contract to develop software to manipulate social media

–after a protracted political dance, Zimbabwe’s 37-year maximum ruler, Robert Mugabe, has resigned

–in a move that is a bit less callous than last month’s expulsion of Nicaraguans, 59,000 Haitians are told to leave US by July 2019

–establishment gatekeeper Charlie Rose is bounced from CBS, PBS and Bloomberg within hours of report of multiple cases of sexual misbehavior

–online progressive outlet The Young Turks fires reporter Jordan Chariton, who is fighting a claim of sexual assault

–Rep. John Conyers also disputes allegations

–in San Francisco trial of accused shooter of Kate Steinle, prosecutor makes risky move in closing arguments, demands first degree conviction

–9th Circuit Appeals Court issues final ruling, blocking Trump’s plan to deny federal funds to “sanctuary” cities

–Jeff Sessions passes out $98 million in grants to anti-sanctuary jurisdictions