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PBC News & Comment: Election Fraud Sleuth Greg Palast Unloads on “Russiagate”

In fresh interview, investigative reporter Greg Palast talks about Keystone pipeline leak, Alabama’s election, and rants about unproven Russiagate narrative…–in this excerpt, Palast says his comments may destroy his career, but he firmly believes the election was rigged for Trump by Americans, not Russians

–the FCC’s plan to kill Net Neutrality seems unstoppable, and then they plan to lift or raise the caps on TV station ownership, a favor to right-wing Sinclair

–NY AG Eric Schneiderman blasts FCC for ignoring his investigation of fake comments on Net Neutrality

Vice offers deep dive into Stingray and other surveillance systems, as SCOTUS will review case where location records were obtained without a warrant

–new Uber CEO admits the taxi-slaying firm was hacked, kept it secret, and paid hackers $100,000 to go away and keep quiet

–after mysterious trips to Ryadh and Paris, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hariri delays his resignation as he returns to Beirut

–war crimes tribunal in The Hague finds former Serbian leader Ratko Mladic guilty of genocide

–former Obama advisor Samantha Power blasts Trump for Yemen war, which she enabled, as her former aide attacks human rights advocates; read it here

–in Asia, the US 7th fleet has another incident, as Navy cargo plane crashes near USS Ronnie Reagan aircraft carrier; 3 sailors still missing

–3 US military personnel are investigated for “improper conduct with women” during Trump’s Asia tour

–listener Ian Berman pens op-ed that challenges Washington Post for bias in accusations against Al Franken

–in Minnesota, 2 state senators step down after accusations, one denies them

–California legislator Raul Bocanegra, serial groper, says he won’t run for re-election

–400 professors sign letter urging students to stay away from University of Rochester after promotion of professor accused of preying on female students

–Pixar’s John Lasseter takes 6-month leave following fuzzy allegations of too much hugging

–former USA Gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar pleads guilty to sexually abusing teen gymnasts, faces 25 years in prison

–Trump breaks silence on Roy Moore, citing More’s denials and fear of Democrat

WaPo recaps the groping allegations against Trump

–rape is quite common in Islamic madrassas in Pakistan, and US prisons

–Trump continues Twitter attacks on LaVar Bell, and a federal judge just used his tweets to decimate 45’s attempted ban on transgender military personnel

–have you ever heard of Eric Garcetti? He’s LA’s mayor, thinking about running for prez in 2020