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PBC News & Comment: Election Fraud Sleuth Greg Palast Unloads on “Russiagate”

In fresh interview, investigative reporter Greg Palast talks about Keystone pipeline leak, Alabama’s election, and rants about unproven Russiagate narrative…--in this excerpt, Palast says his comments may destroy his career, but he firmly believes the election was rigged for Trump by Americans, not Russians

--the FCC’s plan to kill Net Neutrality seems unstoppable, and then they plan to lift or raise the caps on TV station ownership, a favor to right-wing Sinclair

--NY AG Eric Schneiderman blasts FCC for ignoring his investigation of fake comments on Net Neutrality

--Vice offers deep dive into Stingray and other surveillance systems, as SCOTUS will review case where location records were obtained without a warrant

--new Uber CEO admits the taxi-slaying firm was hacked, kept it secret, and paid hackers $100,000 to go away and keep quiet

--after mysterious trips to Ryadh and Paris, Lebanon's Prime Minister Hariri delays his resignation as he returns to Beirut

--war crimes tribunal in The Hague finds former Serbian leader Ratko Mladic guilty of genocide

--former Obama advisor Samantha Power blasts Trump for Yemen war, which she enabled, as her former aide attacks human rights advocates; read it here

--in Asia, the US 7th fleet has another incident, as Navy cargo plane crashes near USS Ronnie Reagan aircraft carrier; 3 sailors still missing

--3 US military personnel are investigated for “improper conduct with women” during Trump’s Asia tour

--listener Ian Berman pens op-ed that challenges Washington Post for bias in accusations against Al Franken

--in Minnesota, 2 state senators step down after accusations, one denies them

--California legislator Raul Bocanegra, serial groper, says he won’t run for re-election

--400 professors sign letter urging students to stay away from University of Rochester after promotion of professor accused of preying on female students

--Pixar’s John Lasseter takes 6-month leave following fuzzy allegations of too much hugging

--former USA Gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar pleads guilty to sexually abusing teen gymnasts, faces 25 years in prison

--Trump breaks silence on Roy Moore, citing More’s denials and fear of Democrat

--WaPo recaps the groping allegations against Trump

--rape is quite common in Islamic madrassas in Pakistan, and US prisons

--Trump continues Twitter attacks on LaVar Bell, and a federal judge just used his tweets to decimate 45’s attempted ban on transgender military personnel

--have you ever heard of Eric Garcetti? He’s LA’s mayor, thinking about running for prez in 2020