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In-Depth Interview: Investigative Reporter Greg Palast on Keystone Pipeline Leak, Alabama Senate Election, and Russiagate

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Greg Palast reveals that robotic “smart PIGs” should have prevented Keystone pipeline’s recent tar sands spill; talks about former Karl Rove operative running Roy Moore’s campaign, and unloads on claims that “Russia hacked the election”.Before he investigated stolen elections, Greg Palast investigated pipeline leaks in Illinois and the Exxon Valdez episode in Alaska.  Watch his video report here, on how “Smart PIGs” are dumbed down by pipeline operators.  We talk about these robotic pipeline inspectors in relation to the Keystone spill, and the PG&E gas pipeline that blew up a neighborhood in San Bruno, CA.

Palast talks about the December 12 special election in Alabama, and notes that embattled GOP candidate Roy Moore’s campaign manager is one of Karl Rove’s experts on voter caging.

Near the end of the interview, I ask Palast for his view of the “Russiagate narrative” regarding the 2016 election.  He believes the election was rigged for Trump by Republicans–not Russians–and doesn’t spare the Democrats in his (appropriately) profane rant.

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