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PBC News & Comment: Prepare To Get Royally Screwed!

If GOP tax cuts pass, we the “little people” will get the shaft, as corporations and Trump cronies get huge tax cuts funded by borrowing…–Senate bill is still being tweaked after committee vote, and more damage can be done in conference committee if it passes

–long-term tax evaders like Apple and GE would get massive benefits on offshore profits, based on proven false promise of job creation

–Surprise! Trump-appointed federal judge rules in favor of Trump’s brazen move to install Nick Mulvaney as acting director of CFPB

–Latest tweetstorm by Trump draws rebuke from British prime minister for promoting anti-Muslim videos from UK nationalist fringe party

NY Times takes down Trump for claiming “Access Hollywood” pussy-grabbing tape was doctored

NBC fires Matt Lauer, and Minnesota Public Radio dumps Garrison Keillor after harassment accusations

–Ahmed Khattala, accused ringleader of Benghazi attack, is acquitted of murder but convicted of conspiracy after witnesses were paid $7 million plus

Vice posts eye-opening report by Nick Turse, revealing that US has commandos in 33 African nations

–after Yugoslav war tribunal sentenced Croatian for war crimes, Slobodan Praljik slams down liquid poison, and dies hours later

–Sens. Sanders and Warren propose $146 billion “Marshall Plan” for Puerto Rico

–federal judge dismisses “laudable” suit against domestic NSA surveillance, based on widely-abused legal standing issue

–new report says 75% of Android apps have undisclosed tracking capabilities

–in Georgia, Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams, declares her loyalty to Israel while opposing BDS sanctions law