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PBC News & Comment: Jimmy O’Keefe, the Right’s Favorite Fabulist

James O’Keefe laid a trap with fake victim of Roy Moore, but Washington Post smelled the rat, and trapped it….--The Post and editor Marty Baron (who exposed pedophile priests at Boston Globe) deserve credit for avoiding Rove-style trap

--my old pal Rep. John Conyers should resign, as multiple, credible accusers belie his denials

--Trump tries to jam his Budget Director on Consumer Bureau as acting director, but the legit acting director gets quick court hearing before Trump appointee

--the dubious legal memo justifying Mulvaney’s appointment was written by former lawyer for payday lenders who are still in court with CFPB

--Harvard’s Lawrence Tribe says the action is “plainly illegal”

--with that struggle on his addled mind, Trump stinks up ceremony honoring WWII Navajo heroes with “Pocohantas” smear of Sen. Elizabeth Warren

--another target of Trump insults, “Little Rocket Man” launches another ICBM

--Hawaii restores its cold war attack warning system

--former top diplomats sound dire warnings about State Dept. changes

--but State Dept. veteran Peter van Buren says alarms are misdirected

--fight over Trump tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy escalates, will go down to the wire

--Mueller plea deal with Mike Flynn is widely rumored, as Jason Leopold gets credit from Rachel Maddow for his FOIA work

--in Myanmar, Pope Francis censors his comments about ethnic cleansing

--Bali airport is closed as Mt. Agung begins to erupt

--Koch brothers are “passive investors” in Meredith’s purchase of Time, Inc