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PBC News & Comment: Jimmy O’Keefe, the Right’s Favorite Fabulist

James O’Keefe laid a trap with fake victim of Roy Moore, but Washington Post smelled the rat, and trapped it….The Post and editor Marty Baron (who exposed pedophile priests at Boston Globe) deserve credit for avoiding Rove-style trap

–my old pal Rep. John Conyers should resign, as multiple, credible accusers belie his denials

–Trump tries to jam his Budget Director on Consumer Bureau as acting director, but the legit acting director gets quick court hearing before Trump appointee

–the dubious legal memo justifying Mulvaney’s appointment was written by former lawyer for payday lenders who are still in court with CFPB

–Harvard’s Lawrence Tribe says the action is “plainly illegal”

–with that struggle on his addled mind, Trump stinks up ceremony honoring WWII Navajo heroes with “Pocohantas” smear of Sen. Elizabeth Warren

–another target of Trump insults, “Little Rocket Man” launches another ICBM

–Hawaii restores its cold war attack warning system

–former top diplomats sound dire warnings about State Dept. changes

–but State Dept. veteran Peter van Buren says alarms are misdirected

–fight over Trump tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy escalates, will go down to the wire

–Mueller plea deal with Mike Flynn is widely rumored, as Jason Leopold gets credit from Rachel Maddow for his FOIA work

–in Myanmar, Pope Francis censors his comments about ethnic cleansing

–Bali airport is closed as Mt. Agung begins to erupt

–Koch brothers are “passive investors” in Meredith’s purchase of Time, Inc