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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Game of Musical Chairs

Authorized White House leak says Tillerson will be replaced by CIA boss Pompeo, to be replaced by Sen. Tom Cotton (Neanderthal-AR)…–Trump eliminates the guessing game about finding worse successors

Buzzfeed reports that TrumpCo is mulling proposal to outsource covert actions, including rendition, to firm filled with former spooks

Buzzfeed’s Jason Leopold responds to criticism of his recent profile of Crowdstrike consultant in new in-depth interview

–Sen. McCain says he will vote for unfinished Senate tax cut bill, Sen. Collins is still holding out

–at MAGA rally in Missouri yesterday, Trump launched a whopper: the GOP tax “reform” will “cost me a fortune”

Washington Post reveals that Project Veritas woman who tried to plant false claims about Roy Moore was scheming for months

Sex Offender updates:

–Pelosi calls for John Conyers to resign

–two more women accuse Al Franken of groping, unwanted kiss

–Texas Republican Joe Barton will retire from House after more accusations

–Russell Simmons will step down from Def Jam after new allegation

–Matt Lauer issues apology, Garrison Keillor is a little defiant

–9 other Dem senators join Dianne Feinstein in letter to Netanyahu, demanding halt to demolition of Palestinian village

–Tevor Aaronson goes deep on the use of wiretap evidence collected under PRISM without a warrant

–Supreme Court heard oral arguments about the use of cellphone location data without a warrant in robbery case

–Trevor Timm pairs upcoming renewal of 702 with SCOTUS case in op-ed

–in federal court in San Francisco, trial is suspended as Uber is accused of stealing info, hiding evidence, read the reports here

–actor/singer Jim Nabors, who played Gomer Pyle, is dead at 87