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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Game of Musical Chairs

Authorized White House leak says Tillerson will be replaced by CIA boss Pompeo, to be replaced by Sen. Tom Cotton (Neanderthal-AR)…--Trump eliminates the guessing game about finding worse successors

--Buzzfeed reports that TrumpCo is mulling proposal to outsource covert actions, including rendition, to firm filled with former spooks

--Buzzfeed’s Jason Leopold responds to criticism of his recent profile of Crowdstrike consultant in new in-depth interview

--Sen. McCain says he will vote for unfinished Senate tax cut bill, Sen. Collins is still holding out

--at MAGA rally in Missouri yesterday, Trump launched a whopper: the GOP tax “reform” will “cost me a fortune”

--Washington Post reveals that Project Veritas woman who tried to plant false claims about Roy Moore was scheming for months

Sex Offender updates:

--Pelosi calls for John Conyers to resign

--two more women accuse Al Franken of groping, unwanted kiss

--Texas Republican Joe Barton will retire from House after more accusations

--Russell Simmons will step down from Def Jam after new allegation

--Matt Lauer issues apology, Garrison Keillor is a little defiant

--9 other Dem senators join Dianne Feinstein in letter to Netanyahu, demanding halt to demolition of Palestinian village

--Tevor Aaronson goes deep on the use of wiretap evidence collected under PRISM without a warrant

--Supreme Court heard oral arguments about the use of cellphone location data without a warrant in robbery case

--Trevor Timm pairs upcoming renewal of 702 with SCOTUS case in op-ed

--in federal court in San Francisco, trial is suspended as Uber is accused of stealing info, hiding evidence, read the reports here

--actor/singer Jim Nabors, who played Gomer Pyle, is dead at 87