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PBC News & Comment: Senate On Verge of Passing Radical Reckless Tax Bill

At deadline, the Senate has not taken a vote on ever-changing tax package, and lobbyists are jamming more amendments in….–“biggest tax cut” for wealthy and corporations is also biggest tax increase for many ordinary taxpayers

–obscene wheeling and dealing brings in the posers who said they couldn’t vote for it

–Sen. Claire McCaskill releases list of amendments kept secret—but the lobbyists who wrote them have a long list

–late yesterday, NY Times revealed Trump’s illegal efforts to lobby senators to end Russia investigation

–today, former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI

–Crown Prince Jared relayed the orders from Trump to Flynn to contact Russian ambassador and others

–after 6 days of deliberation, San Francisco jury defies Trump, and acquits defendant in Kate Steinle killing of all major charges

–Citizenship and Immigration Services now admits that 900 DACA applications were mysteriously delayed past deadline date

–Nov. 18 death of one Border Patrol guard and injuries to others were an accident, not an attack by border crossers

–House ethics panel demands release of all settlement agreements related to sexual harassment

–Israel Horovitz, founder of Gloucester Stage is accused by 9 women, and his Beastie Boy son Adam supports the accusers

–as those Amazon boxes arrive with holiday gifts, remember the sweat shop conditions of the workers who packed them