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PBC News & Comment: Welcome to the New Dark Ages

Corruption defines Trump and GOP, as brutal tax plan is approved same day Flynn pleads guilty to lying to FBI….–the Flynn deal reveals that the collusion was with Israel, as “Russiagate” morphs into obstruction of justice case embraced by Sen. Feinstein

–Trump’s tweets and comments in defense of Flynn appear self-incriminating,

–Robert Parry notes that Flynn’s take-down is the product of a trap set by Sally Yates and St. James Comey

–also at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria recaps the HuffPost censorship of his article that undercut Russiagate narrative

–after GOP lawmakers get their tax cuts, will they turn on Trump and impeach him?

–the radical Republican Senate passed a dirty tax bill in a dirty process

–now that they’ve run up the deficit, Republicans will argue for entitlement cuts

–McConnell asserts there will be no government shutdown, but he needs votes from Dems who were just steamrolled

MidEast Roundup:

–Saudis promote plan that crams “peace” down on Palestinians

–our crown prince, Jared Kushner, appeared at Haim Saban forum, and offered no details of his plan

–Trump tries to appease Zionists with plan to acknowledge Jerusalem as capital of Israel, without moving US embassy there, yet

in NY Times op-ed, former Israeli prime minister and defense minister Ehud Barak issues call to “save Israel” from Netanyahu government

–Netanyahu was exposed, trying to sneak legislation through to stifle investigations into bribes and corruption–of himself!

–Pentagon boss Mattis drops into Egypt on heels of new deal between Cairo and Moscow

–in Yemen, longtime leader Saleh dies within days of announcing he had switched sides, again

–Yemeni Houthis launched a second international missile attack aimed at nuke power plant in UAE

–the previous attack in November against Ryadh was not affected by launch of Patriot missiles, as Trump had falsely bragged; read the report here

–former NSA contractor, now identified as Nghia Pho, gets gentle plea deal

–Trump formally endorses fellow accused sex predator, Roy Moore