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PBC News & Comment: GOP Tax Plan: Screw the Blue States

Tax bill rammed through Senate has serious drafting errors, and hammers high tax states that voted for Clinton in 2016….--California Gov. Brown: “it is evil in the extreme”

--“clean coal” extractor Robert Murray is livid, as last-minute changes lowered corporate tax rates but unintentionally eliminated deductions

--with support from pro-bank conserva-Dems, GOP pushes bill to relax banking rules

--Bush’s enabler of torture, John Yoo, co-authors op-ed headlined “Don’t Prosecute Trump. Impeach Him.”

--Mueller investigators cross Trump’s red line by subpoenaing Trump bank records

--Trump crosses red line of Palestinians and many Arab leaders, recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel

--echoing PBC comments yesterday, Mehdi Hasan at The Intercept says Trump team colluded with Israel, but that’s not alarming

--in oral arguments, SCOTUS appears ready to find religious right to discriminate, in trivial case of baker who refused to make wedding cake for gay couple

--with only 2 dissenters, justices OK Trump travel ban 3.0

--in Utah, Trump rolls back wilderness protections for 2 million acres in national monuments, bringing lawsuits and resource extraction

--Rep. John Conyers announces his retirement after sex accusations

--another California legislator is accused of sexual violations, says they’re false

--Netflix fires actor Danny Mastersonover 4 rapes allegations he denies

--female musician Timothy Heller accuses singer Melanie Martinez of rape

--Pacifica radio reporter Randy Credico says he will resist subpoena from House Intelligence Committee

--Chicago reporter Jamie Kalven, who exposed the police killing of Laquan McDonald, is subpoenaed to testify at trial of accused killer cop