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PBC News & Comment: Arizona Killer Cop is Exonerated

Despite bodycam video showing unarmed man complied with cop’s confusing orders before fatal shooting, jury exonerates cop in Mesa, AZ…this report from Vice includes the video

–rookie cop in San Francisco shot unarmed carjacker who ran toward the patrol car

–Palestinian in Gaza killed by Israeli soldier, as protests grow in reaction to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

–Trump’s reckless decision pandered to Israelis, Netanyahu, and American evangelical Christians eager for the End Times

–as Palestinians consider withdrawing from negotiations, lead diplomat Saeb Erekat says Trump ended hope for 2-state solution

–Arizona lawyer and ACLU challenge new law that bans state contracts with people who support BDS for Israel

–forum tackles the difference between anti-Semitism and criticism of Israel, reports The Intercept

CNN says Trump Sr. and Jr. got encryption key from WikiLeaks for Clinton emails

–in our new in-depth interview, journalist and author of Surveillance Valley Yasha Levine comments on Russiagate, and how tech giants are censoring news

–in reaction to Clinton loss and DNC bias against Sanders, “unity commission” will recommend major cut to superdelegates and other reforms

–as US continues silly war games with South Korea, Pyongyang says nuclear war is inevitable

–Russia says North Korea is open to talks with US, and offers to mediate

–US reports strong job growth in November, who needs trickle-down tax cuts?

–the official hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico is 62, but the actual number is over 1,000

–Hey Aussies, nice going! Gay marriage is legal down under

–the prized abalone found on the California coast are off-limits this year, as population is in sever decline