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PBC News & Comment: Arizona Killer Cop is Exonerated

Despite bodycam video showing unarmed man complied with cop’s confusing orders before fatal shooting, jury exonerates cop in Mesa, AZ…--this report from Vice includes the video

--rookie cop in San Francisco shot unarmed carjacker who ran toward the patrol car

--Palestinian in Gaza killed by Israeli soldier, as protests grow in reaction to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

--Trump’s reckless decision pandered to Israelis, Netanyahu, and American evangelical Christians eager for the End Times

--as Palestinians consider withdrawing from negotiations, lead diplomat Saeb Erekat says Trump ended hope for 2-state solution

--Arizona lawyer and ACLU challenge new law that bans state contracts with people who support BDS for Israel

--forum tackles the difference between anti-Semitism and criticism of Israel, reports The Intercept

--CNN says Trump Sr. and Jr. got encryption key from WikiLeaks for Clinton emails

--in our new in-depth interview, journalist and author of Surveillance Valley Yasha Levine comments on Russiagate, and how tech giants are censoring news

--in reaction to Clinton loss and DNC bias against Sanders, “unity commission” will recommend major cut to superdelegates and other reforms

--as US continues silly war games with South Korea, Pyongyang says nuclear war is inevitable

--Russia says North Korea is open to talks with US, and offers to mediate

--US reports strong job growth in November, who needs trickle-down tax cuts?

--the official hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico is 62, but the actual number is over 1,000

--Hey Aussies, nice going! Gay marriage is legal down under

--the prized abalone found on the California coast are off-limits this year, as population is in sever decline