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PBC News & Comment: Al Franken Resigns, as House Dems Reject Impeachment

With a little defiance and digs at Trump and Roy Moore, Al Franken announces he will resign from the Senate--the move divides Democrats, who predict Moore and Trump will be permitted to stay, despite facing more serious sex charges

--half of Franken’s accusers remain anonymous, and the initial accusations were clearly politically motivated

--on Fox “News”, sympathy for “lynch mob” treatment from serial adulterer Newt Gingrich

--of 194 Democratic House members, 127 voted against Rep. Al Green’s impeachment resolution yesterday

--Trump’s reckless move to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli capital sparks protests, rocket fire, excessive Israeli response, and Hamas declaration of war

--most Mideast experts slam Trump, from Rashid Khalidid to Tom Friedman

--new FBI Director Wray defends his agency regarding Russia probe, and gets flack from GOP Rep. Ted Poe on surveillance

--TrumpCo plans to continue FBI and NSA domestic surveillance even if FISA law isn’t renewed by December 31

--in coverage of defects in Senate tax cut bill, NY Times ignores the big blunder that produced $300 billion problem for corporate tax cuts, as Slate reports

--Pelosi slams California Repubs who voted for tax bill that allows deductions for hurricane losses, but not wildfire losses in CA, now $9 billion and rising

--contradicting claims from Trump and others that tax cuts will add jobs, GE and rival Siemens will cut combined 18,000 workers

--GOP is expected to pass short-term budget bill, delaying fight to Dec 22

--some Republican legislators are pushing to end DACA hostage situation, but with conditions

--FBI is investigating claims of sexual abuse at corporate-run immigration prison in Texas

--PBC corrects comment from yesterday: federal charges against accused immigrant Zarate are not double jeopardy, just political grandstanding

--The Guardian reports that the current election crisis in Honduras is related to Obama/Clinton interference in 2009

--Quickies: Weinstein & Co. accused of racketeering; Dr. Larry Nassar gets 60 years for abuse of gymnasts; cop who killed Walter Scott gets 20 years; Orlando cop with PTSD from Pulse nightclub melee is fired; MSNBC reinstates Sam Seder

--election protectors demand that Alabama retain ballot images in Senate election

--in New York, the Met refuses demand from morality police to remove painting