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PBC News & Comment: Massive Mass Media Malpractice

Feeding Trump’s taunting tweets, CNN leads the pack over the edge on Wikileaks link to Trump, but got date wrong….--Glenn Greenwald’s takedown is deadly, even Rush Limbaugh is quoting it

--Robert Parry at ConsortiumNews builds on Greenwald’s critique

--NY Times didn’t take that bait, but continues to promote unproven Trump/Russia claims as fact in news and opinion pages

--in Sunday feature, NY Times said Trump watches 4 hours of TV a day, and he tweets denials

--apparently failing as suicide bomber, 27-year-old immigrant explodes pipe bomb in NY subway during Monday morning rush hour

--Iraq president claims victory over Islamic State

--protests continue over Trump’s recognition of Jersualem as Israeli capital, 2 killed by Israeli air strike in Gaza

--Dennis Rodman asks Trump for formal role as envoy to North Korea

--former Georgian leader Saakashvili is now jailed in Kiev, accused of plotting coup against US-backed candyman Poroshenko

--WashPost offers some new info about FusionGPS, and its role in San Francisco political struggle over George Lucas museum plan

--Norman Solomon and other progressive Dems fought hard at Unity Reform Commission, but expects modest reforms to be watered down, read about it here

--sadly, your humble host expects Roy Moore to be named winner of Alabama Senate runoff; support Roger Shuler here

--some of Trump’s accusers are repeating their demand for investigation of his alleged sexual misconduct

--SF appeals court judge and anti-tobacco advocate are accused of bad behavior, and superchef Mario Batali takes leave after apologies to 4 women

--federal judge orders Pentagon to proceed admitting transgender persons to the military

--Vice releases in-depth report on police shootings in US

-in a video report based on police dashcams, The Intercept shows how minor traffic violations lead to deportation in south Texas