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PBC News & Comment: Massive Mass Media Malpractice

Feeding Trump’s taunting tweets, CNN leads the pack over the edge on Wikileaks link to Trump, but got date wrong….–Glenn Greenwald’s takedown is deadly, even Rush Limbaugh is quoting it

–Robert Parry at ConsortiumNews builds on Greenwald’s critique

NY Times didn’t take that bait, but continues to promote unproven Trump/Russia claims as fact in news and opinion pages

–in Sunday feature, NY Times said Trump watches 4 hours of TV a day, and he tweets denials

–apparently failing as suicide bomber, 27-year-old immigrant explodes pipe bomb in NY subway during Monday morning rush hour

–Iraq president claims victory over Islamic State

–protests continue over Trump’s recognition of Jersualem as Israeli capital, 2 killed by Israeli air strike in Gaza

–Dennis Rodman asks Trump for formal role as envoy to North Korea

–former Georgian leader Saakashvili is now jailed in Kiev, accused of plotting coup against US-backed candyman Poroshenko

WashPost offers some new info about FusionGPS, and its role in San Francisco political struggle over George Lucas museum plan

–Norman Solomon and other progressive Dems fought hard at Unity Reform Commission, but expects modest reforms to be watered down, read about it here

–sadly, your humble host expects Roy Moore to be named winner of Alabama Senate runoff; support Roger Shuler here

–some of Trump’s accusers are repeating their demand for investigation of his alleged sexual misconduct

–SF appeals court judge and anti-tobacco advocate are accused of bad behavior, and superchef Mario Batali takes leave after apologies to 4 women

–federal judge orders Pentagon to proceed admitting transgender persons to the military

Vice releases in-depth report on police shootings in US

-in a video report based on police dashcams, The Intercept shows how minor traffic violations lead to deportation in south Texas