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PBC News & Comment: Alabama Supreme Court Enables Rigged Election

Hours after John Brakey got restraining order, Roy Moore’s supreme court cronies block order to save special election ballot images…--in final campaign stop of sleazy election, Moore’s wife insults blacks and Jews

--Zephyr Teachout, Fordham law professor and progressive candidate, says “I’m not convinced Franken should quit” in op-ed

--with Franken and Conyers dismissed, GOP Rep. Blake Farenthold hangs on despite revelations of his “frat house” office atmosphere

--Trump tweets smears at Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand after she calls for his resignation

--in curious report that’s not being picked up by MSM so far, Fortune cites Russian media outlet report of Russian hacker confessing to breaching DNC

--Mother Jones says Russian twitbots want Roy Moore to win

--GOP stalwart Max Boot is anti-Trump, and warns that Mueller investigation must be protected

--Vice reports that US sanctions on Russia have actually helped Putin and oligarchs

--Putin takes victory lap through Syria and Egypt

--EU leaders unite in rebuff of Netanyahu call to recognize Jerusalem

--reports on accused NY Port Authority pipe bomber don’t mention an FBI informant, yet

--in trial of first cop accused of supporting IS, defense says FBI pushed defendant into criminal behavior after two years of coverage by paid informant

--at The Intercept, Will Parrish reports that Standing Rock protester being prosecuted for gun possession had pistol of boyfriend/FBI informant

--San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee dies suddenly from heart attack at age 65

--as he prepares to destroy net neutrality, FCC chair Ajit Pai hits social media for restricting conservative content