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PBC News & Comment: Sometimes, It’s Nice to Be Wrong

Your humble host reluctantly predicted that Roy Moore would win Alabama Senate race, is relieved that voters narrowly rejected him….–no flaming liberal, Doug Jones will probably be like Florida’s Sen. Bill Nelson, a cautious conserva-Dem

–Trump tries to deflect blame for Moore’s loss, uses kindergarten math to argue that write-in protest votes made the difference

–Republicans have completed their backroom deals on tax cuts for corporations and wealthy, but they’re secret

–Senate Dem leader Schumer talks to McConnell’s deaf ear, says delay tax vote until Jones is sworn in

–Minnesota’s governor names Lt. Gov. Tina Smith to replace Al Franken until special election next November

–America’s blandest newspaper, USA Today, slams Trump in unusual editorial

–in new, in-depth interview, law professor Sanford Levinson complains that the US Constitution makes it hard to replace the president

–FBI investigator Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page are under fire for exchanging personal text messages critical of Trump

–Deputy AG Rosenstein faces angry Republicans who use the text messages to claim bias in FBI and Mueller investigation

–in first defeat for judicial nominees, White House will withdraw 2 unqualified picks

–in trial of first group of January 20 DC protesters, judge throws out rioting charges

–in reaction to Trump’s Jerusalem designation, wave of anti-Semitic protest sweeps Europe

–Palestinian leader Abbas rejects US as mediator with Israel

–new poll shows Israelis are deeply divided, like Americans

–Rexxon Tillerson, rumored to be a lame duck, eases terms for talks with North Korea

–as year of extreme weather events comes to an end, peer-reviewed report says global warming made hurricane Harvey more violent

–at latest climate change summit in Paris, Trump is the absent devil

–France names 13 American winners of climate science grants

–federal appeals court in San Francisco refuses to dismiss climate change lawsuit from young plaintiffs