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PBC News & Comment: Is Trump Fixin’ to Fire Mueller?

DC rumor mill, stoked by Dems, spreads alarm about possibility that Orange Lunatic will stage political massacre during the holidays….--Trump attacks Mueller over transition emails, but sys he’s not planning to fire him

--Seth Abramson, professor and poet, tweets about constitutional crisis, calls it an “emergency”

--Public Citizen reports over 100,000 Americans have pledged to protest if it happens

--at House Intel shop, Dem Adam Schiff balks as GOP flamethrower Trey Gowdy tries to wrap up Russiagate investigation

--Trump is right that FBI is “disgraceful” but his criticism is only self-focused

--under Obama, DEA was blocked from major action against McKesson, which was making huge profits peddling opioids on a massive scale

--Sen. Bob Corker showed true colors in about face on tax cuts after secret provision was added that will net him an estimated $1.1 million

--in op-ed, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren make many rational arguments that will be ignored in rush to ram through tax cuts

--GOP promised to simplify tax code and tax filing, but never mind

--after bulldozing Dems on tax cuts, GOP hopes to avoid shutdown later this week

--yellow journalism alert…The Guardian posts “explainer” on unproven Russiagate narrative, then slams skeptics of Syrian White Helmets as Putin tools

--Senator-elect Doug Jones blunders badly, says Trump shouldn’t resign over sex allegations, we should “move on”

--Hollywood picks Anita Hill to lead panel on sexual abuse issues

--Sports Illustrated exposed NFL owner Jerry Richardson yesterday, he has already said he will sell the Carolina Panthers

--accused by 15 women, federal appeals judge Alex Kozinski announces retirement

--in Kansas, female Dem candidate for Congress drops out after denying she sexually harassed a man she fired 12 years ago

--first round of inauguration protesters awaits jury decision after unusual instructions from judge

--Trump judge appointee withdraws after failing Law 101 quiz