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PBC News & Comment: The Grand Theft Congress

The only major product of GOP one-party rule is tax cut for corporations and super-rich, funded by middle class, deficits….--House passes tax package along party lines, Senate passage appears imminent

--David Sirota earns credit for exposing Sen. Bob Corker as a devious sack of shit, basis for blistering editorial  and op-ed in NY Times

--Steve Horn, now at The Young Turks, shows that UPS and FedEx won’t add jobs after tax cuts

--whistleblower lawyer Steve Kohn says that last-minute deletions make America great again, for tax cheats

--White House accuses North Korea of WannaCry cyberattack, without mentioning that malware was stolen from NSA; hacker who killed it is on trial

--Islamic State is out of Syria….was it due to Trump’s secret plan”

--Yemeni fighters launch another missile at Ryadh, and US blames Iran

--US vetoes UN resolution against Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

--apparently unable to find evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, Senate Intel turns focus to Green Party candidate Jill Stein

House moves to extend FISA law with possible amendments

--TrumpCo micromanages words for CDC, as EPA uses GOP operatives to harass EPA employees who speak out; EPA water fountains spew sewage at DC HQ

--Rexxon Tillerson slams into reverse, says N. Korea must “earn” talks

--8 Palestinians have died in protests over Trump Jerusalem decision

--in Jakarta, 80,000 march in protest as leaders call for US boycott

--Palestinian activists are accustomed to Israeli punishment, now Abbas is crushing dissent, too