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PBC News & Comment: California Trumps Washington on Taxes, Net Neutrality

Democrats in Sacramento devise plan to bypass cap on state tax deductions, and to maintain net neutrality here in California….–Feinstein’s opponent in Senate race crafts law to recast tax payments as charitable contributions that would bypass new $10,000 cap

–San Francisco state Sen. Scott Weiner introduces legislation that requires telcos and other ISP’s to guarantee equal internet access

–investigations point to the causes of October’s Wine Country wildfires, and most lead to the rogue utility, PG&E

–Paul Manafort’s challenge to special counsel Mueller may not pay off legally, but will help shape perceptions that he’s not accused of collusion on 2016 campaign

–power struggle involving House Intel investigation, FBI and Justice over evidence sharing leads to powwow in Speaker’s office

–in excerpt from new interview, Dr. Michelle Perro explains how changes in diet and environmental exposure can improve health of kids on the Autism spectrum

–cloud servers and most computers are vulnerable to Meltdown and Spectre, researchers say

–Trump’s sensitive ego led him to threaten author and publisher of new embarrassing book, providing tons of free publicity, ensuring more coverage

–in midst of Bannon-Trump food fight, Trump disbands the commission on mythical voter fraud

–Election Assistance Commission host meeting with state and local election officials on security for 2018 elections

–tied Virginia race is decided by drawing, Republican wins

–after bragging about his big nuke button, Trump agrees to delay war games with South Korea

NY Times declares there’s no foreign influence on protests in Iran

–AG Sessions lifts restrictions on prosecutors for marijuana cases in states where it’s legal