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PBC News & Comment: Fusion GPS Offers Its Spin on Russiagate

Wayward journalists who founded FusionGPS offer carefully crafted version of its role in 2016 campaign, including Steele dossier, hammering Republicans….–at deadline, Paul Manafort has filed challenge to his Mueller indictment, claiming (accurately) it’s unrelated to Russian election meddling claims

–in NY Times op-ed, FusionGPS co-founders Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch demand release of transcripts of their testimony, and spin their version of events, with notable omissions

–in reaction to deadly quotes in new book, Trump channels St. Peter with massive false denials of the savior of his campaign

–Trump’s New Year tweetstorm pissed of various people around the nation and the world, and many were triggered by what he watched on Fox “News”

–Trump goes dick-to-dick with “Little Rocket Man” in nuke button claims

–North Korea reopens hotline to South Korea

–Trump threatens Palestinians with cuts to refugee funding

–in Israel, Netanyahu expands apartheid policies to include threats of forcible deportation for black African residents of Israel

–Trump’s support of protests in Iran suggest that economic inequality isn’t the only driver

Buzzfeed editor says “fake news” was first used by Hillary Clinton in post-election speech

–diversity of the Senate is unchanged as Smith and Jones are sworn in

–stuck on the tarmac, airline passenger tries to use emergency exit in Spain