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PBC News & Comment: Left Coast to Trump: No New Offshore Drilling!

TrumpCo announces plan to permit offshore drilling on both coasts, and governors of Washington, Oregon and California say “No Way!”….–California officials blast Sessions for marijuana crackdown plan, even as the state moves slowly to implement legalization

–New York has a plan to undermine GOP tax increases on blue states, different from California’s

–to resolve Dreamer hostage crisis, will Dems cave on Trump’s wall?

–searches of cellphones and computers at airports and borders jumped 60% last year

–in latest attack on Obamacare, Labor Dept. proposes rules to allow sale of scam insurance policies with lower prices and lousy coverage

–promoters of Trump-Russia scandal are moving the goalposts from collusion to obstruction, as NY Timesnew leak-based report says Mueller has strong evidence

–White House lawyer accused of withholding info from Trump on firing Comey once worked for Comey at Justice Dept.

–Michael Wolff’s new book gets big promotional boost from Trump’s efforts to kill it, as Wolff gets coverage from NBC and other outlets who built the Trump monster

–Steve Bannon’s quotes about Trump cause big donors to cut ties….to Bannon

–anonymous sources say FBI has resumed investigating the Clinton Foundation in an operation based in Little Rock

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola updates the Espionage Act prosecution of Reality Winner

–California man who was busted before Christmas for alleged terror plot is indicted in Fresno, for unknown reasons

–Pacifica Radio and its Berkeley flagship KPFA are at imminent risk of shutdown due to unpaid debts and decades of infighting and mismanagement

–Trump tweeted about plan to name most dishonest and corrupt media, and Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah nominates himself in full page NY Times ad